2013 LA Times - David, Portia, Jason and Jessica 01

2013 LA Times Interview

Cast left to right: David Cross, Portia de Rossi, Jason Bateman, Jessica Walter and Alia Shawkat.


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On the afternoon of May 16, 2013 members of the Arrested Development cast gathered in Hollywood for an exclusive interview and photo shoot with LA Times, to talk about Season Four of Arrested Development and the possibility of a Movie.

On the process of Season Four

Shawkat, speaking separately by phone, says she shot her episode without ever seeing a script. Pages were written on the fly, sometimes during filming. De Rossi remembers shooting an awkward love scene with Terry Crews when Hurwitz swiveled his laptop toward the pair so they could read the freshly minted dialogue.

"It keeps getting branded as Season 4, and it's not that, The danger there is that it's compared with the first three seasons, which is not something Mitch wanted to do. That would be a retread. And Mitch just isn't that easily amused. I remember one scene with David, and I was just sort of talking to him, and Mitch said: 'No, no, you've got to be really paranoid', Well, why?', 'Oh, I forgot. In something I haven't written yet, you overhear him on a phone call.' The idea of full context was always out the window."  

 Jason Bateman

"My feeling is it might be some of the best work I've ever done — or the worst."  

 Jessica Walter

On a possible Arrested Development Movie

Even with the arrival of the Netflix episodes, those questions won't be going away. "Arrested Development" creator Mitchell Hurwitz designed the 15 new installments to be the first act of a three-act story that will conclude with, yes, the long-promised "Arrested Development" movie.

"So, it's not really going to be finished until those next two acts are played out, it could be in theaters or it might just be a two-hour thing on Netflix,"  

 Jason Bateman

"And the answer would always be the same. 'We don't know. Hopefully, there will be one. Or it could be a whole bunch of movies. Ron Howard told me he wants to make a movie every year,"  

 Portia de Rossi

"Great! Now people will be asking us about that for the next five years."  

 David Cross


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