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2013 New York Times Interviews

2013 New York Times Interviews

The cast of Arrested Development took part in many Question & Answer sessions while they were on their press tour for Season Four, including an exclusive interview with the New York Times.

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Jason Bateman[]

S4 Michael (03)

When we last saw the Bluths, they were fleeing the law and one another in boats. What can you say about where we rejoin them? It is seven years later, and time has not been kind to the Bluths, particularly to my character.

The rest of the family was showing their warts quite clearly back in the day, but my character was pretty convinced that he was close to A-O.K. He’s kind of become one of them now, and it’s driving him crazy, and he’s going to try to get back on his feet and try to maintain what’s left of his dignity.

Jeffrey Tambor[]

S4 George (03)

You just returned from the London premiere. How did it go, the fan base is fervent? It was amazing. I’m a little behind the revolution here. I did not know it was as big as it is. It was very, very cold that evening and people had been standing for some time. It’s the reason we’re back. Otherwise you and I would not be talking — or not about this subject. But it’s quite fervent, I must say. My goodness. A fellow — very well dressed, seemed to have his stuff together — stopped me at the airport a couple months ago and said, ‘I don’t want a picture and I don’t want an autograph. I just want you to say, “There’s always money in the banana stand.” ‘ I did, and he said, ‘Thank you,’ and walked away. People respect it so I don’t find it troubling. I don’t mind if someone yells a motto out of their car at me. “No touching! No touching!” No harm is done.

Jessica Walter[]

S4 Lucille (03)

What can you say about your episode? We pick it up exactly where we left off: I commandeer the boat and they catch me and everybody goes back to shore. I haven’t seen a frame of the episode — I have no idea how they cut it together. But the idea was to see Lucille evolve. She will really surprise you, because it surprised me.

Will Arnett[]

S4 GOB (03)

How has the reception to the new season compared to what you expected? Honestly, I don’t think the show has ever been as popular as it is right now. It’s crazy. People are aware of the date that we go live with the streaming. I have people at the hardware store screaming, “Can’t wait for May 26!” And I’m like wow, that’s great awareness. I’d forgotten that it was the 26th.

Portia de Rossi[]

S4 Lindsay (03)

Do you get approached more often on the street by “Arrested Development” fans or “Ellen” fans? A little bit of both, actually, and both want us to dance, which is really annoying. They want me to do the chicken dance and they want Ellen just to dance for whatever reason. But I love when fans talk to me about “Arrested.” It always seems like they know more than I do about the show. It’s kind of shocking.

David Cross[]

S4 Tobias (03)

The rumors came and went over the years. Was there a moment when you were certain that the show was never coming back? No, in that never-say-never sense. I did hope. I wanted it to, as did all of us. But realistically I just didn’t think it would happen. Not because of the actors, but because of the business side of things.

Michael Cera[]

S4 George Michael (03)

You wrote on the new season. Was it a bit like coming back to your old high school to teach?
I don’t even know what to compare it to. I always really admired these guys when I was growing up. They were tucked away in their office — it was such a different world. That part of it was most exciting: being accepted in there and watching this thing come together, which is very uncharted territory, I think, in terms of television comedy.