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2017 Tony Hale Relevant Magazine

2017 Tony Hale Relevant Magazine

In May 2017, Tony Hale was on the cover of Relevant Magazine, he spoke about his acting career.


'Tony Hale plays some of the weirdest people on TV, and as he’ll be the first to tell you, that’s because he understands them better than anyone.

Let’s start by dispelling the obvious, understandable assumption: Tony Hale is not an awkward guy. He’s thoughtful, funny, honest, disarming and chatty. He loves his wife of 14 years and their daughter, Loy, who he calls his “everything.” He’s humble—endlessly, deliberately so—but he’s not self-deprecating. He says he’s cheap. He’s even brave, opening up about issues public figures likely wouldn’t be as forthright about.

But Hale, contrary to the famed, Emmy-winning, remarkable performances that have made him one of his generation’s most iconic comedic talents, is not awkward.' - Relevant Magazine


Contrary to the famed, Emmy-winning, remarkable performances that have made him one of his generation’s most iconic comedic talents, is not awkward.
“I think it’s important to find the humanity in any performance,” Hale says. “I don’t think any written character should come across as completely solid because that’s not real. … You have to find the vulnerability and honesty in those depths beyond those cracks and that’s what makes it relatable.”

Hale plays Gary (on Veep), Selina’s hopelessly devoted bagman and personal assistant who sticks by her closer than a leech. His neurotic, emotionally destitute characterization is mesmerizing and stands out in a show full of standouts. Hale’s impression of Gary is a dark one, as will probably come as little surprise to fans.
“Gary, he’s had no identity outside Selina Meyer,” Hale says. “He gravitates to very powerful people to find his own identity, co-dependently attaching himself to things just to find love and attention.”

He always enjoyed acting but, like many, didn’t see much of a future in it. It was just a place to find a little bit of belonging in a part of the country famously obsessed with sports.
“I was not an athletic kid. My parents didn’t really know where to channel my energy, but we found this small theater company called Young Actors Theater and it was just a gift. It was a place where I just felt like I could be myself. I felt like I wasn’t judged for my quirkiness and it was a really freeing atmosphere.”

Hale speaks openly about his struggles with stress and anxiety, the ways he’s overcome them and the ways they continue to factor into his life.
“I’ve had pain in my past in regards to anxiety, so it’s cool to see how it can be used purposefully. It can be used in my work in a funny and positive way, which is cool to see. I’ve learned a lot through it. I still have a lot of stress and anxiety but through the mistakes, you learn more truth as you grow older and older.”

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