2018 THR Actors Roundtable - Jason Bateman 02

2018 THR Drama Roundtable

In June 2018, Jason Bateman was part of the 2018 Hollywood Reporter Drama Actors Roundtable. He spoke about working on Arrested Development and OZARK.


Jason Bateman, Darren Criss, Jeff Daniels, Michael B. Jordan, Matthew Rhys and J.K. Simmons sit for a candid conversation about terrible advice, lucky breaks, penis prosthetics, fear of musicals ("I didn't even dance at my own wedding"), the key to longevity and freedom in Hollywood, and all the times they heard, "This will be the end of your career." - The Hollywood Reporter

The Roundtable Interview

What is the most amusing or frustrating feedback you've received in trying out for a part?
It's kinda great now with self-taping. An actor can audition on their own computer with their own webcam or their phone or whatever and then shoot it till they love it and then send that. You don't have to go through all the nerves of the room.

"You're defined by what you say no to." What does that mean to you, and how have those decisions defined you in your career?
Oftentimes the choices, at least in my case, are pretty easy. I mean, one's a clear "No way," and the other one is, "Well, I think I can not embarrass myself with that or not be a pain in the ass on that set by trying to make it something that it clearly should be or wants to be."

What are the obvious nos?
Stuff that is the real low-hanging fruit that seems like a big payday or something that is clearly a sprinter project — they just want a big splash, a big opening, and they're not too concerned about the merits of it. The things I'm drawn to say yes to are less about the role, even the script as a whole, than it is about the people who are doing it.


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