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Amable Estrella

Amable Estrella is Marta's son
Actor: Oliver Patrick Sandino — First Appearance: "Bringing Up Buster" — Last Appearance: "Marta Complex"

Amable is the older of Marta Estrella's two sons. His younger brother is Cortesio.

Character History[]

1x09 Storming the Castle (08)

Amable and Cortesio in "Storming the Castle"

Amable is seen with his brother and Marta for nearly all of his appearances. He is seen with his family and G.O.B. eating lunch in their backyard. ("Bringing Up Buster") He appeared with his mother during her interview on ¡Acceso Mexico!. ("Key Decisions")

He is frightened by G.O.B.'s Real apple, real neck illusion and screams "Zombie!" and runs away. ("Storming the Castle")

When Michael is on a witch-hunt for a man named Hermano Amable teaches him that "hermano" means "brother" in Spanish. ("Marta Complex")


  • "Amable" is a name that means "lovable, amiable" in Spanish.


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