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4x11 A New Attitude (77)

Ann Veal and Tony Wonder have a child together (Anthony, played by The League's Adam Karchmer), although that child's name is not revealed.  He is seen with Ann and a nanny at Cinco de Cuatro in "A New Attitude". Although she uses slightly confusing languages she convinces G.O.B. the child is Tony's. Tony later tells her at the model home he owes her child support.

The child is first mentioned in "Colony Collapse" when G.O.B. reveals that Ann "let herself go...her belly is out to here" after G.O.B. and Ann have sex before their wedding day.

Based on the wedding taking place in 2006 we can speculate the child was born in either 2006 or 2007.

Suggested Names[]

4x07 Colony Collapse (061)

G.O.B. mentions Ann's large stomach in "Colony Collapse"

4x11 A New Attitude (84)

Tony and Ann talk child support in "A New Attitude"

  • Tony Veal Jr. (after his biological father)
  • Jesus Veal (after his heavenly father)
  • Neil Veal (rhymes)
  • Him?
  • Egg Veal
  • Plant Veal
  • Baby Veal
  • Magic Veal (a reference to Tony's profession)
  • Our Child of Holy Unintended Consequences (religious-sounding)
  • Andrew (Ann-drew)
  • G.O.V. (George Oscar Veal)
  • Anthony Veal (after his mother, Ann and father, Tony)
  • Toni-Ann (same idea as above)
  • Marsala Veal (after Father Marsala)
  • Luke (Ann appreciated George Michael's Star Wars moves, it's a Biblical name, and sets up an "I am your father" joke)


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