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The Bluth Family and friends of the family love cursing, which is bleeped during episodes of Arrested Development.

In season five, the word "shit" was left out unbleeped and, in "Rom-Traum", the recording of Michael saying "Mom's fucking cottage" is also unbleeped, but every other profanity is still bleeped.


1x01 Pilot (67)

"the worst [bleep]'ing attorneys"("Pilot")

1x03 Bringing Up Buster (37)

Buster responds to Michael's ribbing about racing on their bikes with a five second comment almost entirely bleeped, to which Michael responds, "Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that." ("Bringing Up Buster")

1x03 Bringing Up Buster (41)

While trading negative comments on their mother, Buster takes things a step too far and horrifies his siblings with a bleeped tirade that lasts for a full eight seconds ("Bringing Up Buster")

1x15 Staff Infection (06)

Lindsay attempts to scare Tobias by saying "[bleep] me." ("Staff Infection")

1x22 Let 'Em Eat Cake (22)

Give me that bagel, you little piece of [bleep] Give it to me! [bleep] ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")

2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (109)

"This [bleep]ing doctor!" ("The One Where Michael Leaves")

2x02 The One Where They Build a House (009)

"A million [bleep]ing diamonds!" ("The One Where They Build a House")

2x04 Good Grief (82)

I can still hear him now. "Who left the cap off my [bleeping] Glisten ("Good Grief")

2x12 Hand to God (20)

"Get the [bleep] out of my room!" ("Hand to God")

2x18 Righteous Brothers (17)

I feel like a [bleep]'ing idiot ("Righteous Brothers")

3x04 Notapusy (08)

Words such as "pussy" and "fag" are deliberately bleeped in this episode, even when they're used in non-offensive context. ("Notapusy")

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (112)

You ever even been on a plane, you piece of [bleep]? ("Flight of the Phoenix")

4x03 Indian Takers (17)

[Bleep] anus tart! ("Indian Takers")

4x03 Indian Takers (31)

You are so full of [bleep]. ("Indian Takers")

4x03 Indian Takers (89)

"the worst [bleep]ing shaman" ("Indian Takers")

4x04 The B

I don’t know. You want me to tell him to go [bleep] himself? I can tell Ron Howard to go [BLEEP] himself. Tell him to shove it up his [bleep]. ("The B. Team")

Gob 5x1 bleeps

What do you say you and I [bleep] our way through Mexico?("Family Leave")