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Blendin is a fake brand name frequently used by the authorities when attempting to spy on the Bluth family.


1x14 Shock and Awww (61)

Blendin Pet Grooming, attempting to signal Cindi Lightballoon in "Shock and Aww" and "Altar Egos".

1x15 Staff Infection (42)

Blendin Electric Company is used by the feds to infiltrate the Bluth Company offices in "Staff Infection".

2x02 The One Where They Build a House (057)

A Blendin Moving and Storage truck rolls past Lindsay on the street, with Tobias hiding on it in blue makeup in "The One Where They Build a House"

3x05 Mr. F (68)

A Blendin Catering surveillance van parks outside the model home as the feds attempt to use Tobias as a mole in the Bluth Company in "Mr. F".

4x14 Off the Hook (052)

A Blendin Floor Maintenance man cleans the floor outside of Lucille Austero's apartment in "Off the Hook".