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Directors: Mitch Hurwitz & Troy Miller — Writer: Mitch Hurwitz & Jim Vallely — Aired: May 26, 2013 — Icon-image      

"Blockheads" is the fifteenth and final episode of Arrested Development's fourth season.

George Michael tried to reconnect with his father but is finding himself overwhelmed by the responsibility of running his business.


After getting off of a vicious game of voicemail lie tag, George Michael meets back up with Rebel in The Ealing Club. They both see their fathers approaching so they duck into a photobooth and make out. The next day he attempts to play basketball but his nose gets broken. He calls his dad to make plans to make amends but Michael says no, planning on being with Rebel. George Michael then calls Rebel and she agrees to meetup. Rebel leaves the restaurant so Michael calls his son again, who in turn tells him he's already made plans. Rebel arrives and they make love and she tells him she's enamored by his careless ways and that he's smart enough to make Fakeblock

4x15 Blockheads (042)

George Michael voted out of his own dorm room

George Michael is kicked out by P-Hound from his dorm room and G.O.B. happens across him, hoping to feed him a Forget-Me-Now (pill) to make him forget the events at the Gothic Castle. G.O.B. is unsuccessful, and instead he strikes up a conversation with his nephew, during which he mentions that he is selling properties in Sudden Valley, and George Michael decides to buy one in an attempt to make his father proud. As George Michael shows up in the neighborhood, all the registered sex offenders living there are thrilled to discover that he's 22 but looks 16 so they give him gifts and play football with him and throw him pool parties. Rebel visits with her son Lem and sees that his new house shows he's not as easy-going as she hoped he was. George Michael reveals the rocky truth of the relationship to Maeby, who he then fires for hyping Fakeblock too much. Out of spite, she tells Michael that Rebel was turned off from George Michael's pressure in their relationship. He gets her film rights and heads over to Rebel's apartment where he plays it cool and tries to push her away, which draws her to him. They make love and Michael steals a photobooth photo from her dresser but discovers that it is George Michael and Rebel in the photo.

Michael calls Maeby and tells her she's out of the movie then heads to Sudden Valley to fire G.O.B. He runs into George Michael, who just wants to impress his father and gives him a heartfelt thank-you for raising him. Michael tries to leave before George Michael changes the subject to talk about his new girlfriend and how things are rocky. George Michael asks his father how his love life and movie project are going. Michael, feeling sorry for his son, decides to back out of pursuing Rebel and answers that neither were meant to be. 

4x15 - 05

Michael and Rebel

At Cinco de Cuatro, G.O.B. is in negotiation with a Mongolian horde he hired to build the wall between Mexico and America and George Michael approaches, asking for help with Rebel. G.O.B. gives him horrible advice so George Michael decides to do the opposite. G.O.B. then tells George Sr. about the horde and George Sr. reveals that the family have no money for the project. G.O.B., in turn, breaks the news to the Mongolian horde that they won't get paid, leading them to plunder and ravage Cinco de Cuatro in retaliation, during the act of which they are mistaken for a group of rioting Latin-Americans. Michael meets with Lucille Austero and attempts to seduce her, but when she refuses he threatens her. George Michael, nearly ready to reveal the truth about Fakeblock, finds a note from the internet hacktivist group Anonymous threatening to "screw" him if goes forward with the plans to publicize Fakeblock, but, thinking the note is a booty call from Rebel, he decides to continue the lie and instead gives a short keynote speech about Fakeblock, claiming that it "is real". He then heads for Rebel's apartment and after showing her the note he found, which she mistakes as a booty call from him, they spend the night together.

4x15 Blockheads (121)

Michael and George Michael square off.

The next morning, Michael, having been drugged with a forget-me-now the previous night, has forgotten the heartfelt conversation he had with George Michael yesterday and calls Rebel and tells her he wants to make things work with her so she tells him to come over later. George Michael drops his nonchalant act and tells Rebel that he cares about her and wants to make things work. She says yes and he leaves. Outside he runs into his amnesiac father who has a cactus with a note for Rebel. George Michael realizes that Michael is the other man and Michael, who already knew, plays it off until he blurts out that they were both in the photobooth separately with Rebel. Michael is unable to provide an answer when his son asks him about his mention of the photobooth and, angry that his father knowingly slept with Rebel behind his back, George Michael punches him the face. The episodes then ends on a tense, silent stare-off between father and son.


G.O.B. receives a call from his mother who informs him that he is the new Bluth Company president now that Lucille Austero has gone missing, but she also warns him to "keep his nose clean" and steer clear of any scandals. He then receives a voicemail from Tony Wonder, who took a Forget-Me-Now to forget their night of gay love, but G.O.B. remembers it clearly.

Police arrive at Lucille Austero's penthouse in Balboa Towers and arrest Buster for her murder. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer celebrate that they have the rights to his story and that the movie they make about him will be their next DaVinci Code.


Main Cast
  • Ben Harris as Ealing Club Waiter
  • Beverly Palmer as Nurse
  • Andrew Tsygan as Twin Andrew
  • Keith and Kenneth Lucas as Lucas twins
  • Allie Goertz as Reveler

Recurring themes[]


4x15 Blockheads (116)


4x15 Blockheads (087)


  • Peanuts - In the comic strip Peanuts Lucy often calls people "blockhead".
  • Michael Cera's Film Career
    • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - George Michael tells Rebel Alley that he will fight anyone he has to for her. This is a reference to the film which starred Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, trying to fight seven exes to win a woman's heart. The episode "It Gets Better" also references roles Cera played in Youth in Revolt and Juno.
  • The Ladies' No. 1 Detective Agency - The t-shirt G.O.B. wears when meeting George Michael from the TV series version of The Ladies' No. 1 Detective Agency.
  • Anonymous - The internet hacktivist group Anonymous wears Guy Fawkes masks when making public appearances.
  • Zillow - The real estate website shows a listing for a Sudden Valley property. 
  • Depardieu - Lem's last name is Depardieu and his father is an French actor. It may be a nod to Gérard Depardieu.
  • Bender from Futurama  - When George Michael is voted out of his dorm, one vote is cast for Bender from Futurama. When he lost the Student Council election in "The Immaculate Election", 1% of votes were cast for Bart Simpson.

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

S4 Trailer (23)
  • Sports - George Michael is terrible at sports, seen in "Notapusy".
  • Abbreviated cursing - P-Hound says that George Michael has "effed" him with Fakeblock.
  • "Love Each Other- The phrase is how George Michael sums up the opposite of G.O.B.'s advice regarding Fakeblock and Rebel Alley and are the final words of Season Four as John Beard's sign off from ITV.
  • Perfect rhythm - George Michael and his internal clock is referenced during his long pause with Rebel in the dorms. He whispers "twenty four" after Ron Howard's narration, but before replying to Rebel. 
  • Punch - George Michael punches Michael for dating Rebel behind his back, just like he punched G.O.B. for dating Ann in "Development Arrested". 
    4x15 Blockheads (135)
  • "[synonym for arrested] Development" - The headline of the report about Buster's arrest says "Arraigned Development".
  • "NINJA please" - When George Michael tells his uncle he can't afford a new house, G.O.B. uses Tobias' "ninja please" reaction from "Indian Takers".
  • "That was a freebie" - G.O.B. admits a freebie when George Michael admits he's homeless.
  • Finger to lips - The twins and P-Hound hold their fingers to their lips when George Michael is kicked out of his dorm.
  • "The Sound of Silence- G.O.B. hears "The Sound of Silence" when George Michael talks about his relationship woes. The leader of the Mongol horde hears it when G.O.B. breaks the bad news about the lack of money.
    4x15 Blockheads (090)
  • Mr. F - The theme from Mr. F plays when Michael reads the brochure for Tobias's (Mr. F himself) Fantastic Four musical.
  • Homefill - George Michael says he will call the company that filled the original model home to furnish his new house.
  • Opening bottles - George Michael breaks his counter when he opens a beer bottle like G.O.B. did in "Double Crossers".
  • Serious(ly) - George Michael debates "I take things too serious" and "I take things too seriously". Grammatically speaking, both make sense. "Serious" is an adjective describing "it" and "seriously" is an adverb describing "take". Serioush is not a word. "Easily breezily" works best.
  • Maeby has poor literacy skills - Maeby says "serioush" after George Michael debates between "serious" and "seriously," although she could have been making fun of him.
  • Movie or series - When Maeby pitches the idea of a show about the Bluths to Ron Howard in "Development Arrested", he says, "I don’t see it as a series. Maybe a movie," a meta-comment on the show's possible future post-cancellation. Here, when Michael asks Maeby to sign away her rights for the movie, she says, "I think movies are dead. Maybe it's a TV show."
  • Notes - Anonymous leaves George Michael a note on his microphone.
  • "It sure is!" - Ron Howard's answer to Brian Grazer mimics The Narrator's reaction to Tobias' praise of Burger King in "Motherboy XXX".
  • "You're mistaken!" - G.O.B. continues his pattern of dismissing people who call him by insisting they have the wrong person, as he did to Michael in A New Attitude. This is presumably because his trysts have left many people seeking him out. Dr. Norman also says this to George Sr. during Cinco de Cuatro in "Double Crossers".

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

  • After Michael and George Michael end their phone call and the narrator says that they seem to be growing less alike every day, the split-screen shows them strike identical poses and then look down at their phones at the same time.
  • When George Michael visits Maeby in her office there is a keypad on the wall. Next to the keypad on the wall there is a note reading, "Code 1-2-3-4".
  • Fake blocks - The Fakeblock sign at Cinco is made out of fake blocks of stone.
  • Backwards
    •  When George Michael leans on the piano, after having said "feels like it should be the other way around", and hits the low notes, the piano produces a high-pitched sound.
    • Rebel Alley tells George Michael (Maharis), "'re asking Lem and me to move into this house, and it just, it seems all backwards." The floor plan used in George Michael's house is a mirror of the floor plan used in the original model home.
    • The refrigerator/freezer George Michael uses is backwards. The refrigerator is on the left and freezer is on the right. As George Michael pulls out a drink, he says, "Maybe it is backwards."
  • The flyer Michael reads for the Fantastic Four musical misspells Tobias's surname as "Funkë" instead of "Fünke". Emmett Richter's face is pixelated on the actual printed flyer itself, rather than on-camera. Lucille Austero's name has a star in the middle to cover up where it originally said "Lucille 2".
  • The LEM - Ron Howard names each of his children after the place they were conceived. In The B. Team, he sits with Michael in the LEM. This implies that Rebel's son Lem was conceived in the LEM.

Foreshadowing/Future References[]

In Comparison to the Remix[]

In the chronological re-cut of season 4, footage from Blockheads is used in 5 different episodes. The original cut of Season 4 is slightly longer than the re-cut version. Because of this, various lines of dialogue and sometimes even scenes are cut. These changes, as well as which scenes appear in which remixed episode, are listed below:

  • Michael & George Michael phone call, cut dialogue in italics (4x16 Mixed Messages, flashbacks in 4x17 Dire Straights)
    • This exchange is cut:
      • Narrator: George Michael was playing a game of lie tag with his father.
      • Michael: How far away are you?
      • George Michael: Wait […]
    • Michael: And, and, you know what? […]
  • At the Ealing Club (4x16 Mixed Messages, 4x17 Dire Straights, flashbacks in 4x17 Dire Straights)
    • Rebel Alley: […] he just doesn’t get it. I have to live my life my way.
    • Ron Howard: Hey.
  • George Michael returns to college (4x17 Dire Straights)
    • This exchange is cut:
      • George Michael: Oh! (catches ball)
      • Man: Come on, man, throw it.
    • This scene at the health center is cut:
      • Narrator: But later, at the student health center, he was reminded of the man who'd always supported him.
      • Nurse: Who would you like us to call in case of an emergency?
      • Narrator: And who he'd now twice hurt.
      • George Michael: My dad.
      • Nurse: We're gonna need an actual...
  • More phone calls (4x17 Dire Straights)
    • This exchange is cut:
      • Michael: Another time.
      • George Michael: Okay.
  • George Michael & P-Hound in the dorm (4x19 Fast Company)
    • George Michael: P-Hound.
    • George Michael: I've just got a girl coming over, and...
    • This exchange is cut:
      • George Michael: Do you want to take it back, or...?
      • P-Hound: No, I already ate. That, that's for you.
      • George Michael: Oh, thank you.
      • P-Hound: You're welcome.
  • George Michael & Rebel Alley at the dorm (4x17 Dire Straights, flashbacks in 4x19 Fast Company)
    • George Michael's line "Just a little token of my, uh…" becomes “Just a little token to show how unpretentious I am” in the remix.
  • Roommate vote (4x19 Fast Company)
    • Narrator: And now wishing he'd actually packed the bag...
  • George Michael & G.O.B. (4x19 Fast Company, flashbacks in 4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
    • In the remix, there is no longer a bleep when George Michael is nearly hit by the limo.
  • George Michael arrives at Sudden Valley (4x19 Fast Company)
    • Man: Wow!
    • George Michael: The ball touched the ground. Come on. The play is dead. Carlos, man, we're on the same team.
    • George Michael: That actually sounds, yeah, fun.
  • Rebel arrives at Sudden Valley (4x19 Fast Company, flashbacks in 4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
  • Maeby & George Michael (4x19 Fast Company)
    • George Michael: Well, she's not really my girlfriend.
  • Maeby & Michael at the model home (4x19 Fast Company)
    • Michael: What? No.
  • Michael & Rebel Alley at her apartment (4x19 Fast Company, flashbacks in 4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
  • Michael & George Michael at Sudden Valley (4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
    • A lot of the narration is removed in this scene.
    • This exchange is cut:
      • George Michael: Well, you know, G.O.B. told me that you wanted to start selling these things, not just renting them, and... I knew it was important to you.
      • Michael: He said all that, huh? Oh, boy, that was... That's... nice of him. How, how could you afford one of these houses, buddy?
    • The song Oh Phoenix doesn’t play in this scene in the remix.
    • George Michael: You know, I, I haven't even told her my real name, and […]
  • At Cinco de Cuatro (4x21 Cinco de Cuatro II, 4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
    • In the remix, the song The Cockroach no longer plays when George Michael and G.O.B. talk.
    • George Michael: So, "love each other."
    • G.O.B. and George Sr.'s conversation is in 4x21 Cinco de Cuatro II. All other Cinco de Cuatro scenes in this episode are in 4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III.
    • When G.O.B. tells the Mongolians he can't pay them, The Sound of Silence cuts off before the lyrics in the remix.
    • This exchange is cut:
      • Michael: […] you have been the one that has been flirting with me.
      • Lucille 2: Those were pity flirts.
      • Michael: No, they were not.
    • George Michael: Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention for a moment for an announcement...
  • At  the model home (4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
    • Narrator: It was May 5th, and while Rebel was on the phone...
      • In Season 5, Michael is asleep for two days after Cinco de Cuatro so it would be May 6th.
  • George Michael & Rebel Alley at her apartment (4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
    • George Michael: I'm ready to try and make this work. I'll fight anyone I have to for you. I'm not going to pretend I don't care about you.
  • Michael & George Michael outside Rebel Alley's apartment building (4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)
  • G.O.B. gets a call from Lucille, listens to a voicemail from Tony Wonder (cut scene)
    • This whole scene is cut in the remix:
      • Narrator: G.O.B. gets an important call from his mother.
      • G.O.B.: Hello.
      • Lucille: She's gone. Lucille 2 has disappeared and it's time for you to step up and be president of the Bluth company. Keep your nose clean. No scandals!
      • G.O.B.: Okay.
      • Narrator: And even though G.O.B. hadn't taken a Forget-Me-Now the night before, it seems Tony Wonder had.
      • Tony Wonder: (phone message) Hey, Gobie. It's Tony. We still on for our sex date tonight?
  • Buster is arrested, Ron Howard has Buster's film rights (4x22 Cinco de Cuatro III)


P-Hound: You know what? This is no longer a peace pizza. That is a war pizza!

George Michael: Okay, that's fine. Do you want to take it back, or...?

P-Hound: No, I already ate. That, that's for you.

George Michael: Oh, thank you.

P-Hound: You're welcome. Enjoy your war pizza!


Rebel Alley: Well, I suppose anything goes in a dorm.

George Michael: You got that right. Although, we should probably go inside because they don't like us hanging out in the hallways, actually.


Rebel Alley: You know what really impresses me about you? How little you try to impress me.

George Michael: Well, I am to not please.


G.O.B.: I'm such a fool. I go to those things too quickly. Really, it's just the age we live in, isn't it? Take a pill to forget your problems. Take a pill to go to sleep. Then, take a pill to forget your problems. Need an erection, take a pill. Need to forget your problems, take a pill! Take a pill and your problems are forgotten. Take a pill. What an age we live in. It's great, isn't it?


George Michael: I take things... easily breezily.


G.O.B.: I would rather have sex with someone because they thought I was someone else than not have sex with someone because they thought I was me.


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  • The final song of the season is "Boomerang" by Lucy Schwartz, daughter of Arrested Development composer David Schwartz.


  • In the opening credits, despite this episode being centered around George Michael, all instruments used throughout the fourth season are played.
  • The Zillow ad for George Michael's house in Sudden Valley reveals the following facts. It's a single-family three-bedroom two-bathroom structure. It was built in 2003 and sold in 2010. It has electric heating. It is located at 154 Tracey Lane and its purchase price was $475,000 before the worth sunk to $44,000.
  • Tobias does not appear in this episode. Lindsay and Lucille appear briefly in reused footage from Red Hairing and Queen B., respectively.


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