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Bluth Company offices

Bluth Company offices
First Appearance: "Pilot" — Last Appearance: "The Fallout"


The Bluth Company offices are the headquarters of the Bluth Company, where most of the employees work. It is located in Newport Beach.


The offices have many offices including the large office for the president of the Bluth Company. When G.O.B. is president he decorates his office as a "gaming ship" with a pool table and magic illusions props everywhere.

There is also a large conference room, main lobby, break room, janitor closet, and an office area with cubicles where the company parties are held.

There is a copy room that frightens Buster, ("Staff Infection") houses G.O.B. for a night, ("Bringing Up Buster") is used by Maeby to make fliers for Steve Holt's student council campaign, ("The Immaculate Election") and is used as quick place to hook up by G.O.B. and Kitty. ("Visiting Ours")

The office had florescent lights but Lindsay and Blendin Electric Company replaced them with softer alternatives. ("Staff Infection") The office was located on the fourth floor but was moved down to the identical third floor by Lindsay to save money. ("Sword of Destiny")


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