Caged Wisdom

Caged Wisdom
Appearances: "Marta Complex", "Altar Egos", "Motherboy XXX" — Mentions: "Shock and Aww", "Let 'Em Eat Cake"

Caged Wisdom (or Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison) is a collection of motivational discourses of the Jewish faith created by George Bluth while incarcerated at the Orange County Prison, available for only four payments of $19.95.


Michael watches a Caged Wisdom trailer in "Marta Complex"

George sent the video to Lindsay and Tobias for their anniversary gift, and it was played at Lucille's Valentine's Day party. ("Marta Complex")

Cindi Lightballoon is a follower of Caged Wisdom and she attempted to seduce him into revealing his criminal history by posing as a follower of his wisdom. She also lost weight eating Bluth Banana Jail Bars under the Caged Wisdom brand. ("Shock and Aww") Cindi falls in love with George and misunderstands the blooper reel so believes George when he says "faith is a fact." ("Altar Egos")

Caged Wisdom, displayed as Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison is seen available for purchase on Amazon, being a recommended item while viewing The Man Inside Me. ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")

Tobias finds Caged Wisdom tapes in the attic while researching the role of George Sr. for an episode of Scandalmakers. ("Motherboy XXX")

In advertisements for Caged Wisdom and Jail Bars, George wears Tefillin on his forehead and arm.


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