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Charles Milford

Charles Milford is the dean of the Milford School
Actor: John Rothman — First Appearance: "Public Relations"

  Charles Milford: Things have changed around here. We have talking sessions throughout the day. We even have a talking room where students are encouraged to go in and talk to their heart’s content.

Charles Milford is the current dean of the Milford School, and son of the school's founder Earl Milford.

Character history[]

1x11 Public Relations (04)

Charles Milford in "Public Relations"

Season one[]

Charles does not entirely share his father's beliefs that "children should neither be seen nor heard", and is responsible for instituting a new Talk Room.

He met with Michael and George Michael about admitting George Michael to the Milford School, but had to refuse his enrollment due to the Bluth family's stint of bad publicity. ("Public Relations")