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Cho is Wayne Jarvis' assistant
Actor: Mitsu — First Appearance: "Sad Sack" — Last Appearance: "Exit Strategy"

Cho is Wayne Jarvis's legal assistant.

Character history[]

2x18 Righteous Brothers (33)

Cho and Wayne in "Righteous Brothers".

Season two[]

When Wayne offered Michael an offer about giving him immunity in exchange for his father's location, Cho assisted in the stare down. ("Sad Sack") Cho is also present when Wayne has Michael arrested for lying about George Bluth's whereabouts. ("Righteous Brothers")

Season three[]

Later, when meeting with Michael about his brother G.O.B.'s troubles in Iraq, Cho assisted in a similar stare down. He also reminded Wayne of Buster's song requests and chided him for not showing a news clip online, and relying on the TV news. ("Exit Strategy")


  Wayne Jarvis: Cool your Japanese jets.
From "Exit Strategy"


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