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The Church and State Fair

The Church and State Fair
Appearances: "Notapusy"

The Church and State Fair is a Newport Beach event. When the State Fair was cancelled due to low funds, the wealthy evangelist Robert Patterson (parody of real-world Pat Robertson) funded the fair and was thus named The Church and State Fair". Many traditional fair events were re-imagined to incorporate religious doctrine. ("Notapusy")

Known events[]

3x04 Notapusy (28)

The Miss Inner Beauty pageant, in "Notapusy"

3x04 Notapusy (48)

Firemen and Rabbis playing tug-of-war in "Notapusy"

3x04 Notapusy (65)

George driving a replica Popemobile in "Notapusy"

In addition to several stalls and general amusement faire contests, the fair includes:

  • The Father-Son Triathlon, which Michael and Steve Holt took part in. It consisted of seveal tricycles, five inflatable pools, and fathers and sons being manacled together.
  • Miss Inner Beauty, an 'inner-beauty' pageant, which Hope Loblaw, Ann Veal and Surely Fünke took part in.
  • A state-sponsored Startled Straight tent, intended to scare young offenders into going straight, which George was asked to speak at.
  • A church-sponsored Startled Straight tent, intended to scare young gay men into a heterosexual lifestyle, which George actually spoke at.
  • An army recruitment tent with two entrances, which George Michael visits:
    • One entrance labelled 'Looking for Meaning? God Welcomes You', sponsored by the Department for Weights and Measures, with a sign saying 'Free Sports Bottle!' nearby.
    • One entrance labelled 'Be a Man. Join the Army', with a sign saying 'Free Hats' next to it.
    • (They are indeed free hats and sports bottles.)
  • A tug-of-war contest between firemen and members of the Jewish community.
  • A tent with various attractions such as:
    • 'Worlds Biggest Priest'
    • 'Amazing Phenomenons: See a DMV clerk not on break!'
    • 'Siamese smog inspectors'
    • 'Non-Bearded Nun'
  • A corndog stand with "All the crucifixin's"
  • A replica Humvee and replica Popemobile