Church of Holy Eternal Rapture

Church of Holy Eternal Rapture
Appearances: "Colony Collapse", "Chain Migration"

The Church of the Holy Eternal Rapture is a church currently presided over by Pastor Terry Veal. His daughter Ann Veal was intended to be married to GOB in this church. However, GOB got stuck while he performed his Amazing Jesus illusion and ended up on an episode of Locker Hawkers. None of GOB's relations attend but Tobias, who believes it to be an acting opportunity, not realising it was his brother-in-law's wedding. G.O.B. visits the conversion clinic here in "Chain Migration".


  • The Church of the Holy Eternal Rapture has a large sign made of its initials, followed by a shepherd's crook. This is a reference to a background joke, where nobody in the Bluth family but George Michael remember Anne's name. The initials and crook spell out HER?
  • When George Sr. and Heartfire discover GOB's cave for sale on Craigslist, the name of the church is listed as "Church of the Holy Enlightened Rapture". The name must have been changed during filming.


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