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Cinco de Cuatro II

"Cinco de Cuatro II"
Directors: Mitch Hurwitz & Troy Miller — Writer: Mitch Hurwitz, Dean Lorey, Richard Rosenstock & Jim Vallely — Aired: May 4, 2018 — Icon-image      

"Cinco de Cuatro II" was the twenty first episode of chronological re-cut of Arrested Development's fourth season. It premiered on Netflix on May 4, 2018.

Walls are the center of attention as the Cinco de Cuatro celebration get underway and Tobias unknowingly becomes an active participant in two bombs.


At the Cinco de Cuatro celebrations, George Sr. runs into Michael, who must pay back his debt to Lucille 2. George Sr. wants to know if Michael convinced Herbert Love to oppose the border wall although he doesn't want Lucille 2 to know about the wall. Lucille 2 overhears and is furious, especially because George Sr. gave money to Herbert Love's campaign. She wants to make sure that Herbert says that he is against the wall in his speech or she'll talk about it in her speech.

Meanwhile, Tobias tries to calm down DeBrie by telling her that she must be perfect. However, Tobias finds out he won't be able to perform as The Thing because he will be too near children, which isn't allowed since he has been (incorrectly) registered as a sex offender. He gives costume to Buster who then talks to Lucille 2. Buster gives her the photos of Herbert Love and Lindsay before telling her about his separation from his mother. Lucille 2 tells him that she is the reason he missed Lucille's trial, which led to their falling out, because she served Buster regular sugary juice instead of the healthier juice that she offered. Buster is furious with her and Lucille 2 also tells him that she's been dating his father for a couple of weeks.

Elsewhere, Dr. Norman is throwing his drugs into the water when George Sr. visits him to find out his test results. Dr. Norman tells him that he has almost no testosterone but, on the other hand, his estrogen levels are much higher. Later, DeBrie finds the drugs in the water and takes them because of her nerves. Tobias finds her laying in the trash and Lucille 2 tells him that she will most likely fire him. On her request, Tobias moves DeBrie by putting her in a chair and placing a Fantastic Four advert on top of her.

Lucille finds George Sr. in the crowds, ready to escape on the boat together. However, George knows nothing of this plan as she told Oscar, who had pretending to be George. Oscar was initially asked to visit Lucille once by George but when Oscar found out about the border wall plan, he decided to get revenge on his brother by sleeping with Lucille. She is angry and declares that they are going to divorce. George Sr. then runs into G.O.B. who wants money to pay the Mongolians who have started build the border wall. George tells him that they have no money and leaves G.O.B. to tell the workers this.

DeBrie, barely conscious, is quizzed by a lawyer who hands her a cease and desist letter for the Fantastic Four musical. Tobias finds the letter but decides that the show must go on so he takes DeBrie's Sue Storm. Meanwhile, Oscar meets Lucille, apologies for his deception, and tells him that he has a boat waiting for their escape. Lucille is touched until she discovers the Lucille 2 sticker on Oscar's backside, a result from his affair with Lucille 2. Lucille tells him to leave and meets Tobias, who asks him to play the Invisible Girl, not the villian. Lucille misunderstands and thinks he is giving advice as a therapist. She decides to go back to rehab. Out of desparation, Tobias decides that he must play Sue Storm by using the wig and his blue body paint.

At the Donkey Punch stand, Buster drinks the juice which is sold by a disguised Gene Parmesan. Buster sees Herbert and is so angry that he knocks him out with his giant hand. Since Herbert cannot give his speech, Lindsay gives the speech even after one of the Mongolians, who G.O.B. couldn't pay, runs on stage and tears off her necklace. Lindsay supports the wall and George Sr. decides that he must escape, which he does by taking the red wig that she threw away.

Tobias makes his way to the floating stage but accidentally gets onto a boat with Marky Bark instead. Marky tells him about the bomb that he planted in a suitcase on the Herbert Love raft. They both realise that Lindsay is on the raft and try to warn her. However, because Lindsay and Tobias have matching suitcases, the suitcase on the back of their boat explodes instead. Meanwhile, Buster sees the body of Lucille 2 on the stair car steps, before it disappears five minutes later. Buster sees the security cameras and realises that he will be in Michael's movie.

On the next Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences... George lives as a woman and refuses to answer the police officer's questions about Lucille 2's disappearance, claiming his husband isn't present. Buster visits George Michael to use his Fakeblock software to remove the security camera footage of him and Lucille 2's body.


Main Cast (in order of appearance)



  • Daniel Amerman as Mark Cherry
  • Marla Garlin as Marla
  • Bill Johnson as Dancer #2
  • Ann Lopez as Dancer #3
  • Deb Hiett as Dancer #4
  • Kari Lee Cartwright as Dancer #5
  • John Bonny as Dancer #6
  • Woon Young Park as Marauder
  • Lonny Ross as Jonah Feinberg
  • Tim Meinelschmidt as Detective Smee
  • George Orellana as Balboa Guard Carl
  • Greg Levine as Feinberg #1
  • John Phillips as Feinberg #2
  • Chad Hal as 'Gay' Straightbait Actor
  • Beck Bennett as 'Straight' Straightbait Actor
  • Bob Glouberman as David the Aide

Recurring themes[]


  • "The Sound of Silence" - The leader of the Mongol horde hears it when G.O.B. breaks the bad news about the lack of money.
  • Transparent - The narrator calls George Sr. living as a woman "a pretty transparent story". Jeffrey Tambor was in the show Transparent, where he appeared as a transgender woman.

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

  • Blue Man Group - Tobias wears blue paint as a Sue Storm costume and tells someone in the bathroom that he blue himself for the first time in 5 years.
  • Cutoffs - Tobias wears cutoffs while painting himself blue to play Sue Storm.
  • Fakeblock - Buster borrows a copy of George Michael's fake software to erase the Security Camera Footage of him and Lucille 2 on the night of her disappearance.
  • Hey - Buster says "Hey nephew" to George Michael
  • Hot ham water - Buster tells Lucille 2 that Herbert Love has "gotten himself in some pretty hot ham water this time." Lindsay made "hot ham water" for Buster in "S.O.B.s".
  • "I just blue myself" - Tobias says again the notorius phrase.
  • Matching suitcases - Marky Bark blows up the boat that he and Tobias are aboard instead of the Love boat due to a mix-up with Tobias and Lindsay's matching suitcases from "A Couple-A New Starts".
  • Ostriches - There is an ostrich piñata hanging on the stall behind Lucille and Tobias when they run into each other at Cinco.
  • Spanish - The caption for this episode says it is "Cinco de Cuatro / doce / two" however, "doce" is Spanish for twelve, not two.
  • The wrong boat - The narrator notes that it's not the first time that Tobias has gotten on the wrong boat - he did the same thing in the "Pilot".
  • You're mistaken - Dr. Norman says this when George Sr. calls out his name. G.O.B. does the same in "Turning on Each Other" and "Cinco de Cuatro III".
  • You're out of the marriage - Lucille's announcement to George that she wants a real divorce echoes the way Michael tells multiple family members, "You're out of the movie."

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

  • Oscar is Buster's father - Lucille 2 tells Buster she's been dating his father for the last couple of weeks, unaware that she's actually dating Oscar impersonating him.
  • Ostrich - The ostrich on Buster's juice box riddle is balding and wearing glasses like Buster.

In Comparison to the Original Cut[]

This episode is made up from 9 episodes of the original cut of Season 4. Because the re-cut is chronological and combines the characters' stories into one narrative, new narration was recorded and there is even some additonal dialogue. These changes, as well as which scenes appear in which original episode, are listed below:

  • Recapping, new dialogue in italics
    • The recapping song is new. Its lyrics are: Recapping, recapping. Recapping. Why is this still happening? Recapping, recapping. Why is he still [gabbing/flapping/clammering]?
    • Tobias & John Beard (4x5 A New Start)
      • Tobias: I want to say 19? I mean, you put a camera right in [my/their] face.
    • Tobias at Austerity & the musical (4x9 Smashed)
    • Lucille’s boat escape plan (4x10 Queen B.)
    • George Sr. & Herbert Love, Lucille & the wall plan (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • G.O.B. & the wall (4x11 A New Attitude)
    • Oscar & Lucille on the phone (4x10 Queen B.)
    • Oscar & George Sr. swap (4x2 Borderline Personalities)
    • George Sr. becoming weak (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • Ophelia Love (4x14 Off the Hook)
    • Herbert Love & Lindsay (4x8 Red Hairing)
    • Lindsay & Marky Bark (4x8 Red Hairing)
    • Lucille, Buster, & Lucille 2 (4x14 Off the Hook)
    • Buster & Ophelia Love (4x14 Off the Hook)
  • Cinco de Cuatro opening (new to the remix)
    • John Beard (?) reads an introduction to each Cinco de Cuatro episode
      • John Beard (?): On the fourth of May in the city of Newport Beach, there occurs a festival called the Cinco de Cuatro – originally intended to debilitate the next day’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. On this particular Cinco de Cuatro, however, each member of the Bluth family would find their lives irreversibly changed by the consequences of this fateful night.
      • The flash of light that shows Lucille 2 slumped on the stair car steps is new.
      • The caption is new: Cinco de Cuatro / doce / (TWO)
  • George Sr. and Michael at Cinco (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • George Sr.: Listen, I, I have to go. And not a word to-
  • George Sr. and Lucille 2 (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • This exchange is now longer:
      • Lucille 2: It better be, or I'll talk about it in my speech tonight.
      • George Sr.: Oh, no, no. Please. No, you can’t do that.
      • Lucille 2: You can’t stop me.
  • Tobias tries to encourage DeBrie (4x9 Smashed)
  • Tobias and Buster (4x9 Smashed, 4x14 Off the Hook)
    • Buster: I'm a monster?
  • Buster and Lucille 2, including the flashback (4x14 Off the Hook)
    • Buster: This.
  • George Sr. and Dr. Norman (4x6 Double Crossers)
  • Tobias, DeBrie and Lucille 2 (4x9 Smashed)
  • Lucille and George Sr. (4x10 Queen B.)
  • G.O.B. and George Sr. (4x15 Blockheads)
    • The Sound of Silence is cut off before the lyrics in the remix, only the opening chords play.
  • DeBrie, Jonah Feinberg and Tobias (4x9 Smashed)
    • Jonah Feinberg: I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it.
  • Lucille and Oscar (4x10 Queen B.)
    • Oscar: I've got a boat waiting.
  • Lucille and Tobias (4x10 Queen B.)
    • Lucille: I never would have come to this if it hadn’t been for you and Lucille 2’s rehab.
  • Tobias and his blue makeup (4x9 Smashed)
  • Buster, Gene Parmesan, and Herbert Love (4x14 Off the Hook)
  • Lindsay on stage (4x8 Red Hairing)
  • George Sr. finds the wig (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • Narrator: But, of course, it wasn’t the Hispanic blowback, it was just the latest in a lifetime of disgruntled Bluth employees.
  • Tobias and Marky Bark (4x9 Smashed, 4x10 Queen B.)
    • Marky Bark: There’s a bomb on the love boat!
  • Buster discovers Lucille 2 (4x14 Off the Hook)
  • On the next... George Sr. at the penthouse (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • Narrator: Although it was a pretty transparent story.
  • On the next... Buster and George Michael, Buster erases the footage (4x14 Off the Hook)
    • The caption "moments later..." is new.


  • Maeby doesn't appear in this episode.
  • During the Season 4 remix, the narrator often draws parallels between the Bluths' lives being similar despite being separated.
    • Narrator: George Sr. was about to get some bad news, too [like Buster].
    • Narrator: And as George Sr. tried to disappear, DeBrie was finally recognized.
    • Narrator: But he wasn’t the only person to resort to hiding as a woman…