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Cinco de Cuatro III

"Cinco de Cuatro III"
Directors: Mitch Hurwitz & Troy Miller — Writer: Mitch Hurwitz, Dean Lorey, Richard Rosenstock, Jim Vallely & Caroline Williams — Aired: May 4, 2018 — Icon-image      

"Cinco de Cuatro III" was the twenty second episode of chronological re-cut of Arrested Development's fourth season. It premiered on Netflix on May 4, 2018.

George Michael tries to make amends with his father but things get weird. G.O.B. gets shocking news when he runs into Ann at Cinco de Cuatro.


Michael decides that he must deal with G.O.B. in Sudden Valley but bumps into George Michael there instead. Michael is surprised that he bought a house there and George Michael apologies for kicking Michael out of his dorm. George Michael also says that he wants to impress his girlfriend with his house but it didn't work out. Michael is secretly pleased about this because he is also dating Rebel Alley but then he reveals that he thinks his relationship and his job as a producer might be over too.

At the Cinco de Cuatro celebrations, George Sr. tells Michael that Lucille 2 shouldn't know about the wall and Michael realises that he must sleep with Lucille 2 in order to help repay his $700,000 debt. Meanwhile, George Michael is unsure whether he should tell the truth at the Fakeblock speech when he runs into G.O.B., who he asks for advice. G.O.B. advises that he lie so he can stay with Rebel and George Michael decides that it's best to do the opposite of what G.O.B. says.

Ann Veal is also at Cinco with her five-year-old child. She reveals that his father is Tony Wonder and G.O.B. feels betrayed so he asks Ann to spend the night with him, as revenge. They leave while Michael tries to seduce Lucille 2. She rejects him but Michael is desperate for his deadline to be extended and says he can't be held responsible for what happens if he doesn't get it.

The blowback begins and the chants of "put up this wall" inspire George Michael to lie about Fakeblock in his speech. He also receives a note which he believes is from Rebel and it reads "You are about to get screwed like you've never been screwed before - Anonymous". In fact, the note was from hacktivist group Anonymous.

At the model home, Ann is ready to sleep with G.O.B. but he reveals that she is actually going to sleep with Tony as part of a revenge plan. He wants her to wear a mask of his own face and then tear it off so the cameras from To Entrap a Local Predator see that Tony isn't gay, ruining his magic career. Ann doesn't want to sleep with Tony and G.O.B. says he will wear a Tony Wonder mask instead so the plan still works. Ann leaves the room just as Tony arrives at the model home. She tells him that G.O.B. is trying to get revenge on him and he seems genuinely shocked. She suggests that they can sleep together while she wears the Tony mask and he wears the G.O.B. mask, in order to ruin G.O.B.'s career as a Christian magician. Tony agrees and, in the meantime, Ann leaves while a masked Tony goes into the bedroom with a masked G.O.B.

The next morning, G.O.B. goes downstairs to take a Forget-Me-Now and finds Michael in the living room. Michael tells G.O.B. that he has done something unthinkable and, when G.O.B. offers to split his last Forget-Me-Now with him, Michael says that he must remember what he has done. However, when Michael sees Tony in G.O.B's dressing gown, G.O.B. forces him to take the pill and Michael passes out.

When Michael wakes up, he rings Lucille 2 promising to repay her. Afterwards, he rings Rebel to tell her that he doesn't care about the other guy and that he will come over later. George Michael, who is currently at Rebel's apartment, tells her that he wants to get serious with her and Rebel agrees. As George Michael leaves, he meets into Michael, who is on the way to meet Rebel. George Michael realises that they are both dating Rebel Alley and Michael pretends that he doesn't know. However, when he mentions that they both went to the photo booth, George Michael figures out that Michael must have known about the relationships before now and he punches his father in the face.

On the next Arrested Development... Buster is arrested for the murder of Lucille 2. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer celebrate that they have the rights to his story. On the news, John Beard reminds us to "love each other".


Main Cast (in order of appearance)



Recurring themes[]


  • Anonymous - The internet hacktivist group Anonymous wears Guy Fawkes masks when making public appearances.
  • "It's Funny to Everyone But Me" - This song by the Ink Spots plays when Michael tries to call Lucille 2 and Rebel. This song also plays when Michael lives in an empty Sudden Valley in "A Couple-A New Starts".
  • Zillow - The real estate website shows a listing for a Sudden Valley property.

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

  • Ann is unmemorable - When confronted by Ann in the model home, Tony Wonder forgets her name. She responds, "It's Ann. Awfully funny time to be running into you." But he misunderstands her, thinking she said, "It's an awfully funny time to be running into you." G.O.B. had previously mistaken Ann's attempt to inform him of her name as the word, "and".
  • "It sure is!" - Ron Howard's answer to Brian Grazer mimics The Narrator's reaction to Tobias' praise of Burger King in "Motherboy XXX".
  • "Love Each Other- The phrase is how George Michael sums up the opposite of G.O.B.'s advice regarding Fakeblock and Rebel Alley and are the final words of Season Four as John Beard's sign off from ITV.
  • Mr. F - The theme from Mr. F plays when Michael reads the brochure for Tobias's (Mr. F himself) Fantastic Four musical.
  • Notes - Anonymous leaves George Michael a note on his microphone.
  • Punch - George Michael punches Michael for dating Rebel behind his back, just like he punched G.O.B. for dating Ann in "Development Arrested".
  • The Sound of Silence
    • When G.O.B. meets Ann at Cinco and believes she's saying that her child is his, an instrumental version of "The Sound of Silence" seems to play in G.O.B.'s head, before he realizes it's actually coming from the band passing behind him.
    • G.O.B. hears "The Sound of Silence" when George Michael talks about his relationship woes.
  • Spanish - The subtitle for this episode reads "Cinco de Cuatro / tre / (THREE)", however, tre is Italian for three, not Spanish.
  • Straightbait - While finalizing his near-incomprehensible plan to frame Tony Wonder as a heterosexual, G.O.B. references the Straightbait films in a manner implying that he, like Tobias, had watched them.
  • "[synonym for arrested] Development" - The headline of the report about Buster's arrest says "Arraigned Development".
  • You're mistaken - G.O.B. says this when George Michael sees him at Cinco. He previously said this to Michael in "Turning on Each Other" and Dr. Norman says this when George Sr. calls out his name in Cinco de Cuatro II".

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

  • Fake blocks - The Fakeblock sign at Cinco is made out of fake blocks of stone.
  • The flyer Michael reads for the Fantastic Four musical misspells Tobias's surname as "Funkë" instead of "Fünke". Emmett Richter's face is pixelated on the actual printed flyer itself, rather than on-camera. Lucille Austero's name has a star in the middle to cover up where it originally said "Lucille 2".

In Comparison to the Original Cut[]

This episode is made up from 11 episodes of the original cut of Season 4. Because the re-cut is chronological and combines the characters' stories into one narrative, new narration was recorded and there is even some additonal dialogue. These changes, as well as which scenes appear in which original episode, are listed below:

  • Recapping, new dialogue in italics
    • Narrator: This season on Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences.
    • The recapping song is new. Its lyrics are: Recapping. Recapping. Repeating all the stuff that we’ve already seen happen. Recapping. Recapping. Even more recapping. Makes you feel good cause your feet are tapping. Déjà vu! Haven’t you heard this before?
    • Michael gets Lucille 2's check (4x1 Flight of the Phoenix)
    • Michael & George Michael at his dorm (4x1 Flight of the Phoenix, 4x13 It Gets Better)
    • Michael & Rebel Alley talk (4x4 The B. Team)
      • Narrator: Although it did free him up to fall in love for the first time since his wife, to an actress he promised to put in a movie playing his wife.
    • Michael & Rebel Alley argue (4x9 Smashed)
    • G.O.B. is dating someone famous-y (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • G.O.B. & Michael at the ballroom (4x11 A New Attitude)
    • G.O.B.'s wedding (4x7 Colony Collapse)
    • G.O.B. & Tony Wonder at the Gothic Castle (4x11 A New Attitude)
      • This scene is shown from different angles than before.
    • Sally Sitwell & Tony Wonder (4x11 A New Attitude)
    • G.O.B. & George Michael at the Gothic Castle (4x11 A New Attitude)
    • G.O.B. & Tony Wonder talk (4x11 A New Attitude)
    • George Michael & P-Hound (4x13 It Gets Better)
    • G.O.B. & George Michael, selling/buying a house (4x15 Blockheads)
    • Michael finds out who George Maharis is (4x15 Blockheads)
  • Michael and George Michael at Sudden Valley (4x15 Blockheads)
    • This exchange is new:
      • George Michael: Does it hurt?
      • Michael: No, no, no. It's fine.
  • Cinco de Cuatro opening (new to the remix)
    • John Beard (?) reads an introduction to each Cinco de Cuatro episode
      • John Beard (?): On the fourth of May in the city of Newport Beach, there occurs a festival called the Cinco de Cuatro – originally intended to debilitate the next day’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. On this particular Cinco de Cuatro, however, each member of the Bluth family would find their lives irreversibly changed by the consequences of this fateful night.
      • The flash of light that shows Lucille 2 slumped on the stair car steps is new.
      • The caption is new: Cinco de Cuatro / tre / (THREE)
  • Michael returns to the apartment (4x15 Blockheads)
  • Michael and George Sr. at Cinco (4x6 Double Crossers)
  • G.O.B. and George Michael at Cinco (4x15 Blockheads)
    • George Michael: [...] I might have a chance if I continue a lie that I started this Fakeblock company and I'm some software genius.
  • G.O.B. and Ann at Cinco (4x11 A New Attitude)
  • Lucille 2 and Michael (4x15 Blockheads)
  • The flashbacks to the Bluths who have "had a run-in with Lucille 2" is new.
    • George Sr.'s motive (new footage for the remix, also in "Cinco de Cuatro II")
      • George Sr.: You can't do that.
      • Lucille 2: You can't stop me.
    • Lucille's motive (4x10 Queen B.)
      • Lucille: I need to pay her back for everything she's done to me.
    • Lindsay's motive (4x8 Red Hairing)
      • Lucille 2: Now, give her a little show and tell [with the incriminating photos].
    • Tobias' motive (4x9 Smashed)
      • Lucille 2: You're out!
      • Tobias: No, don't fire me. I, I'm on a work-release program.
    • G.O.B.'s motive (4x15 Blockheads)
      • G.O.B.: Don't worry about Lucille 2. I'll handle her.
    • Buster's motive (4x14 Off the Hook)
      • Buster: You kept me from Mother? You sent her to prison?
  • Lindsay on stage, the blowback begins (4x15 Blockheads)
    • Buster's scream as he sees Lucille 2's body on the stair car is new (or from a different angle)
  • George Michael gives a speech (4x15 Blockheads)
  • Ann, G.O.B. and Tony Wonder at the model home (4x11 A New Attitude)
  • Michael and G.O.B. at the model home (4x11 A New Attitude)
  • George Michael visits Rebel Alley, Michael and G.O.B. (4x15 Blockheads)
  • Michael wakes up, phones Rebel Alley (4x11 A New Attitude, 4x15 Blockheads)
    • Michael: I don't care. I know, the thing with the other guy.
  • George Michael and Rebel Alley (4x11 A New Attitude, 4x15 Blockheads)
  • George Michael meets Michael outside Rebel's apartment (4x15 Blockheads)
  • On the next... Buster is arrested, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer celebrate, John Beard reads the news (4x15 Blockheads)
    • The narrator says “On the next Arrested Development” instead of “On the next Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences” which he has said for the entirety of this recut season.


During the Season 4 remix, the narrator often draws parallels between the Bluths' lives being similar despite being separated.

  • Narrator: Michael tried to accept that she had another lover until he suspected it was the brother he’d put in charge of selling the model home.
  • Narrator: But Michael should’ve known G.O.B. was a notorious commitment-phobe, having performed an escape act as the Christian magician that left his bride at the altar.
  • Narrator: But it turns out G.O.B. and Tony actually had a lot in common, including saying the word ‘same’.
  • Narrator: And as they both set off to sexually settle a score, Michael was hoping to do the same thing.
  • Narrator: But Michael wasn’t the only Bluth who had a run-in with Lucille 2.
  • Narrator: And soon the Mongols, who hadn’t been paid by the Bluths, had a run in with everyone.
  • Narrator: But Rebel wasn’t the only one who wanted to be anonymous.