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Cindy the Ostrich

Cindy the Ostrich is the pet ostrich of Marky Bark
Actor: Herself — First Appearance: "Flight of the Phoenix" — Last Appearance: "Señoritis"

Cindy is the pet ostrich of farmer Marky Bark. Through the course of Season Four Cindy is kept in the Balboa Towers penthouse by Marky Bark and Lindsay Bluth Fünke.


Cindy is known for attacking members of the Bluth and Funkë family. Despite the name and the female pronouns, the black and white feathers clearly indicate that Cindy is a male ostrich.

Season Four Netflix Premiere in Los Angeles[]

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Cindy the Ostrich attended the Season Four Netlix Premiere of Arrested Development in Los Angeles, she was led down the Orange red carpet by her owner and she was also one of the most talked about topics of the premiere.

Season Four[]

Cindy first appears in Season Four multiple times through the course of the season. Cindy mainly chases and attacks her victims.


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