4x10 Queen B. (32)

Crab Restaurant
Appearances: First Appearance: "Indian Takers" Last Appearance: "Off the Hook"

The Crab Restaurant is a Maritime Court out of hours, where Judge Kornzucker is the owner and Judge.

Lucille Bluth's Trial

After Lucille Bluth crashed the RMS Queen Mary, Barry met the Bluths at the Harbormaster's Lodge. Barry informed George Bluth and Lucille that their legal fees would cost a fortune and he told Lucille she needed to come up with a good testimony. She used Buster's tumble off the boat as her excuse for turning the Queen Mary around which led it its' capsizing.

At Lucille's trial, Barry sat with Lucille while her entire family failed to show up for the trial. The only person who arrived was Lucille Austero so Lucille Bluth decided to cross-examine her herself while Barry completed a connect-the-dots game. Lucille was sentenced to three to five years in prison; this shocked Buster Bluth, he arrived late to a blasé Barry at the seafood restaurant.


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