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Dave Attell

Dave Attell appears as himself in an actor in Scandalmakers
Actor: Dave Attell — First Appearance: "Motherboy XXX"

Dave Attell is an actor and comedian who appears as himself in the Arrested Development episode "Motherboy XXX". In the episode he is cast as Tobias Fünke in the Carl Weathers-directed episode of Scandalmakers about the Bluth family.

Character history

Lindsay and Dave Attell in "Motherboy XXX"

Season two

After Tobias signed the rights of the Bluth family over to Carl Weathers for an episode of Scandalmakers, the role of Tobias was given to Dave Attell. Dave couldn't comprehend why Tobias wore cutoffs and didn't believe Never Nudity was a real disease. When Lindsay was looking for Tobias she accidentally entered Dave's trailer where he assumed she was a prostitute. ("Motherboy XXX")


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