Diversity Dance

Diversity Dance
Appearances: "Shock and Aww"

The Diversity Dance is a school dance event held during Spring at George Michael and Maeby's High School, celebrating diversity.


At the 2004 dance, Maeby and Annyong went as a couple until she left him to dance with Steve Holt. George Michael attended without a date, at first hoping to ask Beth Baerly to dance but ultimately to find and fight G.O.B. whom he believed slept with Miss Baerly. G.O.B. was attending, hoping to woo Shannon back. Michael also attended to apologize to Miss Baerly for cutting their relationship short but she said 'no' to all the Bluths and optioned to dance with a young student. ("Shock and Aww")


  • The background music at the Diversity Dance is the Arrested Development music.


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