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Don't Know How to Tip

Don't Know How to Tip
Appearances: "Flight of the Phoenix". "The B. Team", "A New Start", "Colony Collapse", "Señoritis"

  The Bluth Family does not know how to tip properly, as seen several times in Season Four.


4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (083)

George and Lucille Bluth do not tip two black men when they move furniture into Balboa Towers. When Michael calls them out, George is surprised they wouldn't find it offensive to be tipped ("Flight of the Phoenix")

4x04 The B

Michael doesn't tip the two black men who delivered the table for his office, like his father does ("The B. Team")

4x05 A New Start (39)

Tobias tips the two movers poorly (a quarter each), and the men toss the quarters on the bed ("A New Start")

  • Two Black movers 'tip' G.O.B., while trying to load the boulder onto the truck. ("Colony Collapse")
4x12 Señoritis (100)

When Mort is fired from Tantamount Studios, he heavily tips the parking lot security guard ("Señoritis")

4x12 Señoritis (155)

Maeby tips the movers Fakeblock stock options ("Señoritis")