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Father B

Father B.'s Colony
Appearances: "Borderline Personalities", "Double Crossers", "Colony Collapse", "Red Hairing", "Taste Makers"

Father B's Colony is George Bluth's sweat and squeeze operation based in Mexico. The staff was George, Oscar, China Garden and Heartfire. Dr. Norman stayed around for his own entertainment.


4x06 Double Crossers (24)

Father B's Colony logo, as seen in "Double Crossers"

After purchasing land to gouge the U.S. Government for to build a wall, George turned the vacant land into a thriving business by inviting CEOs out for enlightenment. In reality, they would sit in a sweat lodge until their breaking point then George would sell them cups of lemonade for thousands of dollars. He got some press in the we12 first class in-flight magazine. ("Borderline Personalities")

Years passed and George lost his mojo and couldn't sell lemonade anymore. One day, G.O.B. arrived with some sick bees and they escaped, causing Father B's Colony to collapse. ("Double Crossers") G.O.B. then noticed that the sweat lodge was the same tomb from his Amazing Jesus illusion, and found a 't' necklace lodged in the secret compartment. ("Colony Collapse")