Frightened Inmate #2

Frightened Inmate #2
Appearances: "Marta Complex" — Mentions: "Beef Consommé", "Staff Infection", "Missing Kitty", "Motherboy XXX"

Tobias auditions for and obtains the role of Frightened Inmate #2, his first acting gig.


Tobias' vanity plate, as seen in "Motherboy XXX"

Tobias lands the job after being set up by Carl Weathers. When auditioning, he was afraid of the competition which made him feel more confident about auditioning. This confidence then made him feel afraid again. He was offered the role but was devastated to hear that the role would be fully nude, as it was a shower scene. Tobias is a Never Nude and can never be fully naked. ("Marta Complex")

He almost drops the role due to his affliction, but Lindsay helps him overcome his Never Nudity. ("Beef Consommé") He incarcerates himself at the Orange County Prison to research the role. Warden Gentiles is a fan of cinema so he allows this experiment. Tobias is traded by George to White Power Bill for a pack of cigarettes. ("Staff Infection") Before he can learn the true meaning of "frightened", Tobias talks Bill into killing himself. A conversation with George leads Tobias to realize that the true source of fear is anger. "You’re afraid. Fear has turned into hate. So Frightened Inmate #2 isn’t frightened at all. He’s angry. He’s a crabby old coot, and he needs love... just like everyone." ("Missing Kitty")

Tobias acquired a vanity license plate reading "INM8 2" to celebrate the role, but never got the chance to use it because, according to Lindsay, he was fired from the role. ("Motherboy XXX") Tobias' footage reel includes footage of his failed performance attempt in which his Frightened Inmate #2 is anything but frightened, getting in the face of another actor in the scene and asserting forcefully "I ain't no squeeler." The reel says Tobias was "released from the final cast due to creative differences." ("Smashed")


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