Appearances: "Making a Stand", "Double Crossers", "Red Hairing", "Señoritis", "Rom-Traum"

Gangie is a horror film produced by Maeby Fünke and Mort Meyers or Tantamount Studios. The film floundered through production, with Maeby struggling to find a realistic and frightening "blood sucker" monster. (One version of the monster was reported to look like Alf.)

After running into a recently chemical-peeled "Gangie" (a pet name the Bluth family uses to refer to their matriarch Lucille Bluth) Maeby snapped a photo with her cameraphone. After test audiences responded in horror to the image, Mort and Maeby decided to start production on Gangie 2. ("Making a Stand")

Maeby had continued to make Gangie 3 and Gangie 4: Facelift, for which she received a $50,000 check that her mother took and gave to her grandfather. ("Double Crossers")

Maeby traveled to Shuturmurg, India to film Gangie on the Ganges: Eat, Prey, Love, Run!. ("Señoritis")


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