George Bluth undergoes several religious conversions and experiences during the run of Arrested Development.


George's first encounter with religion is in "Storming the Castle" when he sees a Star of David shadow cast by the bars on his solitary confinement cell in prison. He then cuts off part of his left shoe and wears it as a yarmulke. His new godly way of life cause the guards to fear him but annoys Lucille. ("Storming the Castle")

1x10 Pier Pressure (43)

Wearing a yarmulke in "Pier Pressure"

Michael tries to get George to give him J. Walter Weatherman's contact information to teach George Michael a lesson but George refuses to help because it's the first night of Yom Kippur, but Michael replies that Yom Kippur is only one night, and it was "back in September". He sends Michael away because he has to prepare for the Sabbath (Saturday), but Michael points out that it's actually Tuesday. This visit, however, he has a proper yarmulke. ("Pier Pressure")

George set up a Torah study group and tele-links into the model home. He discussed the position of the shank bone on the seder plate and the spelling of Hanukkah before the study group turned into a prison fight. ("Public Relations") George launches an inspirational home-video series called Caged Wisdom which includes lessons he's learned about the Jewish religion while in prison. He suggests the videos to Lucille when she's concerned about living alone. ("Marta Complex") George's Caged Wisdom series attracts SEC mole Cindi Lightballoon who eventually falls in love with him over the tapes and her visits to prison. ("Shock and Aww") ("Altar Egos") George is threatened by White Power Bill to stop converting inmates to Judaism, and he instantly agrees. ("Staff Infection")

George continues to wear the yarmulke to court, to attempt to garner sympathy. ("Altar Egos") He continues to wear the yarmulke but doesn't teach or use his newfound religion as an excuse. He sneaks a syringe of drugs under his yarmulke to a lie detector test and fakes a heart attack. Once in the hospital, he flees and leaves his yarmulke behind. ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")

George can be seen with a yarmulke tan line. ("The One Where They Build a House")



George converts to Christianity when he gets stuck next to a heater vent in model home's attic after chasing a piece of candy. He gets a cross scar burnt onto his forehead and finds Ann's pamphlet about Christianity. ("The Immaculate Election") He has G.O.B. and Franklin kidnap Lucille and take her to the Church of the Good Shepherd to renew their wedding vows. ("Meat the Veals")


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