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George-Michael Bluth

George-Michael Bluth is Michael's son.
Actor: Michael Cera — First Appearance: "Pilot" — Last Appearance: "The Fallout"

George-Michael is portrayed by Michael Cera and appears in 77 episodes of Arrested Development. He is last seen in "The Fallout", where he drives off with his father.


George Michael Bluth (born November 2, 1990) is a shy, reserved Bluth secretly in love with his cousin. As a youth he was overprotected by his father Michael due to his mother's death. He ultimately wants to live a normal life, even if it includes his non-normal family. In college he came out of his shell and adopted the alternate persona George Maharis.

Family first[]

1x01 Pilot (41)

George Michael and his father in "Pilot"

George Michael is a very meek and responsible young man. He lost his mother Tracy Bluth at a young age and has since been sheltered by his father. Michael always reminded him of three things: family first, breakfast is important, and it's not aunt Lindsay's real nose. ("Pilot") ("The One Where Michael Leaves") George Michael is always respectful and trusting to all members of his family even if he has trepidations about their true motives or of what the outcome of their thoughtless ideas could be.


1x10 Pier Pressure (31)

George Michael in the banana stand in "Pier Pressure"

George Michael was deeply traumatized when, as a child, he began to watch what he assumed was the popular family musical, The Wizard of Oz. Instead, it was the violent HBO prison drama Oz. Consequently, George Michael is terrified of prisons. ("Visiting Ours") George Michael is continually exposed to awkward social situations throughout the show's run and seems to take each incident in stride. He witnessed a live birth close up, ("Hand to God") acted as a woman for G.O.B.'s magic act, ("Storming the Castle") and was humiliated after a video of him pretending to be in Star Wars played to his whole school. ("The Immaculate Election") He started to come out of his shell once he was out from his father's watch while attending UC Irvine. However, when his family started showing up in his life again, he struggled with his timidness again. ("It Gets Better")

Work life[]

A hard worker himself, Michael Bluth taught his son a hard work ethic, which George Michael puts into his studies and job at the banana stand where he was named "Mr. Manager" by his father. He also spends his Spring Break answering phones for the Bluth Company. ("Missing Kitty") At high school, George Michael is hardly known by any other students but gets good grades. He is paid to tutor Maeby, but instead, she plagiarizes from him. He briefly develops a crush on his teacher Beth Baerly because she paid attention to him. ("Shock and Aww") He lost the student council election, receiving only 3% of the votes. ("The Immaculate Election")

George Michael's good grades continue through college. To get into Julliard, George Michael develops a fake woodblock app with his roommate P-Hound called Fakeblock. One small lie causes the app to get blown out of proportion by Maeby who thinks it is privacy software. ("It Gets Better")

Dating life[]

2x09 Burning Love (67)

George Michael and Ann kiss in "Burning Love"

George Michael develops a crush on his cousin Maeby when she kisses him to make her mother jealous. ("Pilot") He festers incestuous attraction to her for nearly a year until he meets the bland Ann Veal, a girl whom he is somehow attracted to despite her not having a personality. ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")​​​ They have a rocky on-again-off-again relationship that never gets any more heated than a rare kiss, caused in part by his attraction to Maeby. He and his cousin finally kiss ("Righteous Brothers") but immediately avoid each other ("The Cabin Show") and Ann outgrows him, leaving him alone. ("Notapusy") He (fake) drunkenly reveals his feelings toward Maeby and the find out they are truly related, but only after making it to second base. ("Exit Strategy")

He and Maeby realize they should see other people. In college George Michael has a girlfriend but loses her to his best friend. While studying abroad in Spain George Michael loses his virginity to a beautiful Spanish mother. While trying to woo Maeby again, he runs into Rebel Alley. Thinking he is going to be rich because of Fakeblock and due to his cool attitude, Rebel begins dating and sleeping with him under the name "George Maharis". ("It Gets Better")

George Maharis[]

4x13 It Gets Better (89)

George Maharis in "It Gets Better"

During his senior year in college George Michael grew tired of his long name, often getting confused to be two people or mocked for being named after the singer-songwriter George Michael. ("Flight of the Phoenix") At The Century Plaza on the night of The Opie Awards he decided to give himself a new name — George Maharis — on the spur of the moment upon meeting Rebel Alley. ("It Gets Better") The new identity is more confident than he usually is. He has to remember the name the next time he runs into Rebel. ("Blockheads") The confusion over his name makes Michael think G.O.B. is the 'George' dating Rebel. ("Queen B.")

Ironically, George Michael chose the name "George Maharis" because he was tired of being teased for the singer-songwriter George Michael's sexual scandals. In real life George Maharis and Perfecto Telles were actors who were arrested in 1974 for having sex in a men's room in a gas station.

Character history[]

Season one[]

Orange - Season One photoshoot (3)

George Michael in Season One

George Michael is reunited with his family and develops a crush on his cousin Maeby after she kisses him. ("Pilot") He tries to hide from his cousin, confused by his feelings, and instead must spend more time with her in the banana stand as Mr. Manager. He then burns the stand down to hide the fact he let her steal money. ("Top Banana") George Michael auditions for Much Ado About Nothing in the hopes to kiss his cousin, but nearly kisses his rival Steve Holt. ("Bringing Up Buster") George Michael blindly agrees with Maeby as she acts out against her mother about a tree. ("Key Decisions")

George Michael offers to break into a permit office for G.O.B. and uses the opportunity to prove his masculinity to Maeby, but he ends up getting arrested which proves to be a difficult situation due to his fear of prisons. ("Charity Drive") George Michael, frightened of prisons, is taken to visit his Pop-Pop in prison, and is horrified when he is attacked by his own grandfather. ("Visiting Ours") He wears a muscle suit for the Living Classics Pageant but continues to wear it to impress Maeby. ("In God We Trust") George Michael asks G.O.B. to make him and Maeby fake passports so they can see Les Cousins Dangereux. ("My Mother, the Car")

Purple - Season One photoshoot (3)

George Michael in Season One

George Michael buys a leather suit to seem manly to Maeby and ends up helping G.O.B. in his Saw the lady in half illusion. ("Storming the Castle") George Michael is asked by Buster to buy marijuana for Lucille 2 and is set up to be taught a lesson by his father. ("Pier Pressure") George Michael applies to enter the Milford School and gets in the way of his Jessie Bowers's relationship with his father, who Michael promptly dumps upon finding out she dislikes George Michael. ("Public Relations") George Michael throws "Maybe tonight" candy hearts at Maeby and is horrified when he thinks Tobias has discovered his secret attraction, although Tobias is clueless. ("Marta Complex")

George Michael attempts to obtain Maeby's DNA to see if she is really related to him. ("Beef Consommé") He is briefly attracted to his teacher Beth Baerly and wants to dance with her at the Diversity Dance but instead his father begins to date her. ("Shock and Aww") George Michael is teased by Maeby and Annyong that Michael is too busy for him, but he finds that Michael has kept every piece of artwork he has ever made in his desk at the Bluth Company offices. ("Staff Infection") He is paid by Tobias and Lindsay to tutor Maeby but discovers she is fraudulently raising money under her Surely Fünke persona. ("Altar Egos") He tries to teach Maeby about honest when her persona Surely Fünke attempts to get a wheelchair ramp built, but gets swept away by the frenzy. ("Justice Is Blind")

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (03)

George Michael in "Not Without My Daughter"

When G.O.B. prepares for his Spring Break show, Michael refuses to let George Michael participate, driving him closer to G.O.B. and putting him in danger of G.O.B.'s disappearing yacht illusion. ("Missing Kitty") George Michael "The Human Metronome" Bluth attempts to join Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution on the wooden block. ("Best Man for the Gob") George Michael and Maeby visit George in prison after seeing Oscar in public, thinking George escaped. ("Whistler's Mother")​​​ After Michael refuses to take George Michael to the Bluth Company on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, he unwittingly joins up with G.O.B. to shoplift from a fashion boutique. ("Not Without My Daughter") George Michael meets Ann Veal while working at the banana stand and sets up a date with her. ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")​​​

Season two[]

Season 2 Character Promos - George-Michael Bluth 01

George Michael in Season Two

Michael drags George Michael with him in the Mercedes when he attempts to move to Phoenix, Arizona. ("The One Where Michael Leaves") George Michael introduces his father to Ann and works on a Bluth Company construction site to buy her some diamond cream. ("The One Where They Build a House") George Michael, Ann, and Michael travel to Mexico to find George but Ann is forgotten so George Michael and his father must drive down to retrieve her. ("¡Amigos!") Ann dumps George Michael because of his father's disdain and a sullen George Michael finds George hiding in a hole in the ground. He hides his grandfather in the model home's attic and gets Ann back at his grandfather's wake. ("Good Grief")

Michael makes George Michael get glasses because he doesn't think George Michael can see how plain Ann really is, but they make his vision worse. ("Sad Sack") Lindsay tries to make Michael jealous by spending time at the company Christmas party with George Michael, and the two sing the raunchy "Afternoon Delight" together. ("Afternoon Delight") George Michael enlists Ann to play for the Bluth Company softball team. ("Switch Hitter") His feelings toward his cousin are rekindled when he thinks Maeby has discovered his love notes in the attic. ("Queen for a Day")

George Michael and Ann share their first kiss after Maeby sabotages Ann's music burning party and George Michael teaches Ann about prank phone calls. ("Burning Love") George Michael, terrified of his Fake Uncle Jack, attempts to be civil around the elderly fitness guru. ("Ready, Aim, Marry Me") George Michael realizes he wants to break up with Ann so Maeby suggests he introduce her to Lucille, which backfires. ("Out on a Limb") George Michael reluctantly helps his father determine if Maggie Lizer is really pregnant, and is terrified of his Uncle Buster's new hook. ("Hand to God")

2x14 The Immaculate Election (A0)

George Michael in "The Immaculate Election"

Lucille takes George Michael to the Motherboy pageant and Michael realizes that he can't smother his son if he wants to avoid having him end up like Buster. ("Motherboy XXX") Michael asks G.O.B. to help with George Michael's student council election but the campaign video backfires and George Michael is humiliated as "Star Dork" in front of the entire school. ("The Immaculate Election")

Michael and Lindsay teach George Michael how to drive the stair car, and he celebrates his first hop-on. ("Sword of Destiny") George Michael wants to get pre-engaged to Ann so Michael attempts to sabotage the plan by introducing the Veal family to the Bluth family. The plan doesn't work and Ann grows closer to an awkward George Michael. ("Meat the Veals") George Michael works at the banana stand during Spring Break and speaks tenderly to Maeby when he sees her depressed. ("Spring Breakout") Ann dumps George Michael at the Almost Cousins premier so a sullen George Michael returns home and nearly makes out with Maeby when the living room sinks into the ground. ("Righteous Brothers")

Season three[]

Season 3 Character Promos - George-Michael Bluth 01

George Michael in Season Three

George Michael and Maeby grow even more awkward around each other so they plan to finish the kiss they started, but George Michael is driven to Reno while sleeping in the stair car. ("The Cabin Show") George Michael attempts to tell his father about his feelings for Maeby but Michael never has the time. ("For British Eyes Only") George Michael discovers Steve Holt is G.O.B.'s son and warns him before he fools around with Maeby. ("Forget-Me-Now") George Michael, tired of seeming weak to his father and Ann decides to sign up for Army at the Church and State Fair but can't make it across the monkey bars. ("Notapusy")

George Michael confuses the jetpack George had delivered to the model home with a model train set Michael ordered his son, so he attempts to fly the jetpack and ruins tiny town. ("Mr. F") George Michael discovers that Rita is an MRF and must break the news to his father. ("The Ocean Walker") George Michael reads the New Warden script for Maeby and thinks she is hinting that they should share a cell at the Graft Versus Host prison gala, but is terrified when he shares a cell with his sick uncle Tobias. ("Prison Break-In") George Michael gets caught up in a Banana Stand vs. Banana Shack rivalry between his father and uncle. ("Making a Stand")

3x07 Prison Break-In (55)

George Michael in "Prison Break-In"

Michael grows concerned that his son can't express himself properly, so he sends him to Openings. George Michael cheats off of Maeby and gives a speech on how bad of a father Tobias is (but Michael overhears, thinking his son is bashing him.) ("S.O.B.s") George Michael convinces Maeby to act in a pretend wedding ceremony for elderly hospital patients, but the two end up getting legally married. ("Fakin' It")​​​ He jokes about the marriage, but Maeby grows angry at how lightly he takes it. ("Family Ties")

George Michael attempts to throw a surprise 16th birthday party for Maeby but ruins her career at Tantamount Studios. They get fake drunk on fake wine and they kiss, under the assumption they aren't related. They then learn Maeby is 100% the daughter of Lindsay and Tobias. ("Exit Strategy") George Michael finally reveals his feelings about Maeby to his father, who clarifies that family doesn't just include people who are blood related and suggests reuniting with Ann. George Michael tracks her down and punches G.O.B. when he finds out they're a couple. After George's exoneration party is interrupted by the SEC, George Michael, his father, and his grandfather boat down to Cabo. ("Development Arrested")

Season four[]

Season 4 Poster - George Michael Bluth 01

George Michael in Season Four

After the sinking of the Queen Mary, George Michael and Maeby decide it's best if they don't see each other any more. (4x12 — "Señoritis") George Michael graduates from high school and is sent off to college at UC Irvine in the stair car. He slightly comes out of his shell and talks to people and even has two good friends, Ray and Becky until he has a brief relationship with Becky and Ray swoops in afterward. George Michael then studies abroad for a year in Spain, where he learns to make love and kiss properly with a Spanish housewife. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")

Returning to UC Irvine George Michael is given an extra large room because the housing department thought he was a set of twins. When Pete the mailman dies, Michael moves in with his son into the dorm. As an essay to get into Julliard, George Michael and his roommate Paul 'P-Hound' Huan begin writing a woodblock app named Fakeblock. (4x13 — "It Gets Better") To raise money he starts tutoring algebra students and signs up to have Maeby, still repeating her senior year. (4x12 — "Señoritis") Trying to get privacy from his father, George Michael lies to his father and Maeby and tells him Fakeblock is privacy and anti-piracy software. George Michael, Maeby, P-Hound, and Michael all vote Michael out of the dorm. (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")

His feelings rekindled toward his cousin, George Michael attends to Opie awards with her where she hypes up the name Fakeblock and Rebel becomes attracted to George Michael's success. He introduces himself as George Maharis, trying to shed his clunky real name (and not knowing about the 1974 scandal of George Maharis and Perfecto Telles.) (4x13 — "It Gets Better") G.O.B. tricked George Michael into attending the Gothic Castle on gay night to pose as his boyfriend. (4x11 — "A New Attitude") George, informed by G.O.B. that his father wants to meet him at the Ealing Club waits for his father but meets Rebel. He and his father play lie phone-tag, and he and Rebel kiss in a photo booth. Later, George Michael is sued by P-Hound over his rights to Fakeblock. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")

4x13 It Gets Better (62)

A mustachioed George Michael in "It Gets Better"

The next day, Rebel stops by George "Maharis'" dorm and the two make love. George Michael is kicked out his dorm by P-Hound. George Michael buys a home in Sudden Valley from G.O.B. hoping to impress his father but it just puts Rebel off. (4x15 — "Blockheads") George Michael then fires Maeby for overhyping Fakeblock and raising too much money. (4x12 — "Señoritis") Michael then stops by, knowing that they are both sleeping with Rebel and tries to convince him Rebel wasn't meant to be. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")

At Cinco de Cuatro George Michael gets terrible relationship advice from G.O.B. so instead choose to just follow "Love Each Other". He then prepares to reveal the truth about Fakeblock at the keynote when he sees a note from Anonymous threatening he will be "Screwed". Thinking it is from Rebel, he continues to hype Fakeblock and goes to her house and sleeps with her. The next morning Michael arrives and George Michael catches him in a lie, and punches his father in the eye for trying to edge him out of his relationship with Rebel. (4x15 — "Blockheads")

George Michael's two focal episodes of Season Four are "It Gets Better" and "Blockheads". He also appears in "Flight of the Phoenix", "Colony Collapse", "Red Hairing", "A New Attitude", "Señoritis", and "Off the Hook".

Season five[]

George Michael Bluth appears in Season Five where he navigates his troubled relationship with his father.


  • George Michael Bluth is not the singer-songwriter George Michael.
    • George Michael tries to distance himself from his name in Season 4, due to the singer-songwriter's arrest for "engaging in a lewd act" in a men's restroom. Michael suggests Boy George as an alternative, but George Michael considers that idea even worse due to that singer-songwriter getting arrested for sexual assault. He eventually settles for the alias "George Maharis", oblivious to the fact that an actor and singer of the same name was arrested for engaging in "sexual perversion" in a men's restroom.
  • George Michael likes Quicken.
  • George Michael appears in all 53 episodes of the first three seasons of Arrested Development. He does not appear in the Season Four episodes "Borderline Personalities", "Indian Takers", "The B. Team", "A New Start", "Double Crossers", "Smashed" and "Queen B.".
  • There are multiple references to him being two people .


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