George Michael is two people

George Michael is two people
Appearances: "Pier Pressure", "Flight of the Phoenix", "It Gets Better"

There are multiple references in the series to George Michael Bluth being two people.


  • While George Michael is talking to himself while struggling to solve a math problem, Michael comes in and says, "Calm down, you two. It's just a math problem." This episode is the first time it is mentioned that George Michael shares a name with a singer-songwriter. ("Pier Pressure")
  • The twins Dean and Doug Fleer in the housing office believe that George Michael is two people, and so they put him in a double room. In the next scene, George Michael brings up the fact that he shares a name with a singer-songwriter. ("Flight of the Phoenix")
    • The twins give George Michael an extra large dorm room his senior year because they think he is twins, and upon leaving say "can't wait to meet Michael, George!" ("It Gets Better")


  • Michael Cera starred in the 2009 film Youth in Revolt as a young shy man named Nick Twisp who creates an alternate persona named François Dillinger who is mustached and more charismatic, similar to George Michael's creation of George Maharis.
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