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Get On Up

"Get On Up"
Directors: Mitch Hurwitz & Troy Miller — Writer: Mitch Hurwitz, Dean Lorey, Richard Rosenstock & Jim Vallely — Aired: May 4, 2018 — Icon-image      

"Get On Up" was the thirteenth episode of chronological re-cut of Arrested Development's fourth season. It premiered on Netflix on May 4, 2018.

Michael starts assembling a "dream team" for the movie but still needs his family's signatures. George seeks medical attention for a troubling issue.


After agreeing to make a film about the Bluth family, Michael is shown his office in Imagine Entertainment by Kitty. Kitty tells him he must get his family's signatures before he casts any of the roles. Michael heads back to Balboa Towers and sees Lucille 2 together with George Sr. Michael asks for his signature but he refuses, although it turns out it was actually Oscar who rejected him.

The real George Sr. was in Mexico, worrying about the land that he only just realised was in Mexico. He plans to visit Lucille but first he sees Dr. Norman because he is concerned that he may be impotent. George Sr. remembers the Divine Spirit and thinks that perhaps he and Oscar have swapped personalities, explaining how he feels. Dr. Norman refers him to Orange County Imaging and prescribes him some adult magazines.

Michael meets with Carl Weathers to find out if he still has the rights to the Bluth family after making Scandalmakers. Carl never had the rights but agrees to act in the project. Michael then meets Warden Gentles and asks him to write the script. He suggests that Michael needs an distinguished actor to play the father, so they visit Andy Richter who agrees to be part of the project. They return to Imagine Entertainment and want to meet Ron Howard, even though Michael still has none of the signatures.

On the way up to Ron Howard's office, the elevator gets stuck and they must pitch the film to Ron Howard and Brian Grazer through the half-opened door. Michael is told he must collect the signatures and that he isn't in charge of casting anyway. To help him get signatures, Michael is given an office in Orange County where his Orange County Imagine building is mistaken for Orange County Imaging by many patients, including George. He apologizes, although he is unaware of what Oscar said, and offers Michael his magazines as a present. He also asks him whether he knows Herbert Love as he wants Michael to convince him to be against the border wall. Michael gets George Sr.'s signature when George Sr. realises that he is doing it to impress Rebel Alley.

On the next Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences... Michael improves at diagnosing the patients who accidentally come to his office and Rocky Richter-Wang takes Andy Richter's place on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.


Main Cast (in order of appearance)



  • Barry Wiggins as Actor Portraying Carl Weathers
  • Andrew Secunda as Process Server
  • Stephanie Coffey as Andy's Stylist
  • Peter Kousakis as Mike Dawkins
  • Andy St. Clair as Surveyor #1
  • Brad Morris as Surveyor #2
  • Constantine Savalas as Charles Dawkins
  • Kevin Walsh as Pitch Man
  • Jayme Ratzer as OC Nurse
  • Pedro Lopez as Mercado Salesman
  • Beth Melewski as Patient's Mother

Recurring themes[]


  • Cuba Gooding Jr.-Brian Grazer mistakes Carl Weathers for Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Famous directors - Rebel appeared in a Terrence Malick film, a Woody Allen film, and PSAs directed by her father Ron Howard.
  • iPad - Stefan Gentles can't use his iPad correctly.
  • Jessica Chastain - Rebel starred in a Terrence Malick film. Redheaded actress Jessica Chastain, who starred in Malick's The Tree of Life, was rumored to be Ron Howards's illegitimate daughter.
  • Jerry Bruckheimer
    • Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Imagine Entertainment have a feud with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Bruckheimer Films.
    • Gentles pitches a Transformers script to Bruckheimer Films, and the producer says "you're not charring my tree", a reference to Bruckheimer Film's logo.
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Warden Gentiles suggests getting a "Phillip Seymour Hoffman-type" to play George Bluth and Michael thinks of Andy Richter.
  • Rocko's Modern Life - Warden Gentiles mentions that he wrote several episode of the 1990s cartoon show.
  • Signs - Oscar's group sing the song "Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band while burning the signs that would have shown the desert site to be in Mexico.
  • "Simply the Best"- Tina Turner's rock song plays when Michael, Warden Gentiles, Carl Weathers and Andy Richter enter Imagine Entertainment.

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

  • "Baby, you’ve got a stew going" - In Carl's Scandalmakers intro, stew is seen in the background.
  • "Get this - Beverly Hills" - The narrator describes the headquarters of Imagine being located in "— get this — Beverly Hills."
  • Hot ham water - Michael reminds Andy of the "Save Our Bluths" dinner which served "chicken and ham water", from "S.O.B.s".
  • Mr. Bananagrabber - In Carl's Scandalmakers intro, Mr. Bananagrabber can briefly be seen.
  • Prayer hands - Ron decided to make a movie about the real estate market crash based on Michael's begging photo in the Altitude magazine.
  • Scandalmakers - A flashback of Carl Weather's episode "Blurred Truth" of Scandalmakers is shown. Also, a new episode about Carl Weathers is shown, which is based on the story of Carl's failure to procure the Bluth family rights for the original episode of Scandalmakers, titled "Weather's Permit-ing: The Scandalmaker's Maker's Scandal".
  • The Roofie Shop - The store George Sr. visits to fill his magazine prescription is the same store that supplies G.O.B.'s "forget-me-nows".
  • Tips - Michael doesn't tip the two black men who delivered the table for his office, like his father does.

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

  • Orange County Imagine movie posters - Includes 3 Ron Howard & Brian Grazer films with poor Spanish translations and one made up sequel.
    • Agua - Means "Water" in Spanish. The actual poster is from Splash.
    • Señor Princesa - Means "Mr. Princess" in Spanish. The poster is actually from Cinderella Man.
    • "Dos hombres, uno ve a una mujer con otro hombre que no es el primer hombre. ¿Que hara? ¿En caso de que le diga?" - Means "Two men, one sees a woman with another man who is not the first man. What will he do? What will he say to her in that case?" in Spanish. The poster is from The Dilemma.
    • Angeles Y Diablos: ¡Mas! ¡Mas! ¡Mas! - Means "Angels and Devils: More! More! More!" in Spanish. Appears to be a sequel of Angels and Demons staring Tom Hanks's "Bosom Buddy" Peter Scolari.
  • Scripts - When Michael is stuck in the elevator Brian Grazer is seen holding a script for a movie called Cap'n Crunch.
  • When Lucille is on the phone to George Sr., there is a leaflet on the table from Orange County Correctional Facility L.I.T.E. that says "Drowning an inmate in the lap-pool is a bummer."

In Comparison to the Original Cut[]

This episode is made up from 6 episodes of the original cut of Season 4. Because the re-cut is chronological and combines the characters' stories into one narrative, new narration was recorded and there is even some additonal dialogue. These changes, as well as which scenes appear in which original episode, are listed below:

  • Michael and Kitty at Imagine Entertainment (4x4 The B. Team)
  • Flashbacks, new dialogue in italics
  • Michael and Kitty, continued (4x4 The B. Team)
  • Flashbacks
    • Michael & Rebel Alley (4x4 The B. Team)
    • Narrator: Ironically, the woman he was looking for was family. She was Ron’s illegitimate daughter, a fact unbeknownst to many.
  • The Howard family (4x6 Double Crossers)
  • Michael and Kitty, continued (4x4 The B. Team)
  • Michael, Oscar and Lucille 2 (4x4 The B. Team, 4x6 Double Crossers)
  • At the border, George Sr. and Barry phone call (4x6 Double Crossers)
    • At the hardware store, Barry no longer says “Cash. No receipt” and instead says “I’m back.”
  • George Sr. and Lucille phone call (4x6 Double Crossers)
  • George Sr. visits Dr. Norman (4x6 Double Crossers)
  • Michael talks to Carl Weathers (4x4 The B. Team)
  • Tobias and DeBrie in Scandelmakers (4x4 The B. Team)
  • Michael talks to Warden Gentles (4x4 The B. Team)
    • Narrator: Michael, who was unfamiliar with the legendary actor’s work, thought he knew of such a type. [regarding Philip Seymour Hoffman]
  • Michael talks to Andy Richter (4x4 The B. Team)
  • Michael and his team at Imagine Entertainment (4x4 The B. Team)
  • Michael at his new office (4x4 The B. Team)
  • George Sr. buys magazines (4x6 Double Crossers)
  • Michael and George Sr. meet (4x4 The B. Team, 4x6 Double Crossers)
    • This exchange is new:
      • Michael: And what's that?
      • George Sr.: Oh, [...]
  • On the next... (4x4 The B. Team)