Google Street View car

Google Street View car
Appearances: "The B. Team", "Double Crossers", "A New Attitude", ...

After returning from Phoenix, Michael gets a job at Google driving a Street View car. He's used to driving inconvenient vehicles, including the stair car and the family cabin.


While being interviewed by Google, Michael requested a company car. They put him in a Street View car, which they call an "ostrich". The company — which declined to be named in Arrested Development — can be determined by "doing a something search". Michael takes down a Herbert Love campaign banner. ("The B. Team")

Michael and G.O.B. race to the model home in the Street View car and limo, respectively. ("Double Crossers") Another day, G.O.B. notices Michael following him but thinks it is another Street View car. ("A New Attitude")


  • The producers and writers of Arrested Development rented a Subaru Impreza and added decals and the camera extension to emulate the Google Street View car. After filming Season Four, Google would not allow Netflix or 20th Century Fox to use their logo on the vehicle. Series creator Hurwitz has been quoted in multiple interviews of appreciating their decision, as it made the joke even funnier.[1]
  • The Google logos are digitally blurred out, while the Subaru ones are physically covered with black tape.


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