Greg Mottola is a director of three episodes of the first season of Arrested Development.


Born in New York in 1964, Greg spends his time dillengtly to perfect each of his projects before moving on to the next. He wrote and directed The Daytrippers starring Stanley Tucci, Hope Devis, and Liev Schreiber in 1996. He then directed six episodes of Undeclared, three episodes of Arrested Development and episodes of The Comeback and Cracking Up before directing the 2007 film Superbad starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. In 2009 Greg wrote and directed Adventureland, starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. His 2011 sci-fi comedy Paul starred Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Seth Rogan (with a cameo by Jason Bateman.)

Greg is married and has three children, and is currently working on his next project with Natalie Portman.

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