2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (102)

Lindsay asks Michael "What were his last words?"

A few times in the series, Michael Bluth says, "He said some wonderful things." This refers to whenever he doesn't feel like bringing up a sensitive subject.


In The One Where Michael Leaves when Tobias is hit by a car, and Lindsay asks what Tobias' last words were.

Also, in Visiting Ours, Lucille asks Michael if George, Sr. needs attention.


 The One Where Michael Leaves 

Michael: Everything’s going to be okay. I’m sure he’s going to be fine. I’m so sorry that this happened. I spoke to him just before he left the house.

Lindsay: Oh really? What did he say? What was the last thing he said?


Tobias: I just blue myself.

End flashback

Michael: He said some wonderful things.

Visiting Ours

Lucille: Did he say that? Did he say that he misses me? Does he need his wife’s embrace?


George, Sr.: Daddy horny, Michael.

End flashback
Michael: He said some wonderful things.
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