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Herbert and Lindsay

Herbert and Lindsay were lovers
Appearances: "Indian Takers", "Red Hairing",

Herbert and Lindsay met at Herbert's campaign rally in The Century Plaza.


Lindsay disguises herself in a Red Wig and creates the alter-ego Cindy Featherbottom, when she first meets Herbert Love;

Season Four[]

4x08 Red Hairing (124)

At Love's fundraiser dinner Lindsay loses track of time flirting with Herbert Love (not knowing it was him) and she get's Love's phone number, which Maeby witnesses, causing her to call her mother a whore. Lindsay visits Maeby at the model home and Maeby offers to call Love on her behalf. She meets him for dinner at The Ealing Club where, she runs into Michael who (on behalf of George) asks her to get Love to oppose the wall project and in return Michael promises to have Stefan Gentles let Marky out of prison. In a hotel room, Herbert and Lindsay make love and Lindsay starts to think Herbert is the man her Indian shaman foresaw in her future.

4x08 Red Hairing (182)

Lindsay and Herbert continue to sleep together for a few weeks in Love's limo until a date at the Balboa Club where she and Love run into Michael and Rebel. The very liberal Rebel and very conservative Love argue politics over dinner while Michael attempts to keep Herbert's approval. Herbert leaves to go home to his wife. The next day at Cinco de Cuatro Lindsay is broken off by Herbert Love and David. She is handed a wad of cash for services rendered and she is unable to throw it in his face. Herbert Love is discovered in a coma, David tells Lindsay he may not come out of the coma for ten years. David then asks Lindsay if she "would consider running in his place" in the election. Before David can complete the question, Lindsay says yes.


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  • The song plays when Lindsay first meets Herbert Love in the The Century Plaza while Marky Bark was preparing his litter bomb to destroy Herbert Love's campaign.
  • The song is heard again when Herbert Love and Lindsay are having dinner at The Ealing Club.


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