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Hop-ons are people who jump on to the back of the stair car for a free ride. They are a constant annoyance for the Bluth family members who must drive the stair car.

The concept of "hop-on" is extended to "live-ins" when Michael gives Lindsay the keys to the family cabin.


2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (114)

Hop-on George Bluth in "The One Where Michael Leaves"


Michael: Watch out for bridges and hop-ons. You’re going to get some hop-ons.


 From "Key Decisions"

Michael: I’m serious. I’m driving a staircase, for God’s sake, okay? It smells like gas, I get hop-ons...

George: Well, of course, you’re gonna get... You’re gonna get hop-ons.


 From "Queen for a Day"

Michael: Stair car basics: In order to get this thing up to a minimum speed, you’ve got to jam on the gas pedal for about a minute, okay? But in order to slow this thing down, you’ve got to get almost immediately back on the brake pedal, ’cause you’ve got about two tons of stairs behind you.

George Michael: Okay.

Michael: We’re gonna cover the hydraulic flaps and the riser system after I tell you the basics about how to avoid a hop-on. But the first thing we’re going to go over... Ow...


 From "Sword of Destiny"

Michael: Give me the phone, I want to call George Michael, tell him I’m okay.

Lucille: He’s on his way here. We passed him on the road. He was doing really well. Had his first hop-on.

Michael: What are you talking about, he’s driving? I told Lindsay not to teach him. I was going to videotape that hop-on.


 From "Sword of Destiny"

Michael: There’s no satellite radio, but there’s a banjo in the closet. And watch out for live-ins. You will get some live-ins.


 From "For British Eyes Only"