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A recurring joke on Arrested Development is the identity of Buster Bluth's biological father. Raised by George and Lucille Bluth, it is strongly suggested by Oscar Bluth that Buster is his son, and revealed to be true by Lucille in "Out on a Limb".

Dramatic music[]

Throughout the show, when Oscar mentions of being Buster's biological father, the same overly dramatic music is played. It plays in episodes "The One Where Michael Leaves", "The One Where They Build a House", "¡Amigos!", "Good Grief", "Out on a Limb", "Meat the Veals", "Righteous Brothers", and "Double Crossers."


Season One[]

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (58)

Buster and Oscar in "Not Without My Daughter"

  • George reveals that Buster spent 11 months in Lucille's womb and there were scratch marks on the way out. The long gestation could be a lie from Lucille or due to the high amounts of alcohol and marijuana in his system as a fetus. ("Bringing Up Buster")
  • Oscar and Lucille rekindle an old affair. ("Whistler's Mother")
  • Oscar is shown to be very supportive of Buster, being the father figure that George never was. ("Not Without My Daughter")
  • Oscar gives unwarranted shoulder massages, just as Buster does. ("Not Without My Daughter")

Season Two[]

2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (078)

Buster and Oscar in "The One Where Michael Leaves"

2x02 The One Where They Build a House (066)

Oscar, Lucille, and Buster in "The One Where They Build a House"

2x11 Out on a Limb (57)

A disguised George confuses Buster in "Out on a Limb"

2x11 Out on a Limb (59)

An angry Buster confronts his mother in "Out on a Limb"

2x18 Righteous Brothers (05)

Oscar burns his fingers in "Righteous Brothers"

2x18 Righteous Brothers (42)

Oscar just wants to share his Pop Secret in "Righteous Brothers"

  • When Buster says that they told him his father was at the police station, Oscar suggestively says, "Did they?" ("The One Where Michael Leaves")
  • Oscar suggestively agrees that Buster needs "a father figure." ("The One Where Michael Leaves")
  • When Oscar suggests that Buster should grow his hair long, Buster notes, "Then I'd look like you." Oscar responds, "More than you'll ever know." ("The One Where Michael Leaves")
  • Oscar suggestively says, "I know where the boy (Buster) came from," while overly dramatic music plays. Lucille then looks down at Oscar's erect penis. ("The One Where They Build a House")
  • Oscar hints that he is Buster's father, saying that Lucille is not having an affair with Buster's "uncle." Overly dramatic music plays after this is said. ("¡Amigos!")
  • To prevent Buster from discovering George is dead, Oscar tells him they are planning a birthday party for his father "which coincidentally is my birthday." ("Good Grief")
  • During an argument about Buster going to war between Oscar and Lucille, Oscar says "He is my boy!" and Lucille later responds "I don't want you telling him you're his father!" both of them accuse the other of being intoxicated after their slip up. ("Out on a Limb")
  • George sneaks into Buster's room with a wig, and says "I'm your father" as he leaves, confusing Buster who confronts his mother who reveals that he was never supposed to know. ("Out on a Limb")
  • When Buster says "My father?", Oscar replies, "Yes? I mean, yes." ("Meat the Veals")
  • At the anniversary party, Oscar asks Buster to point out the fact that his father is not there yet. After doing so, Oscar says, "Maybe he is." Lucille rolls her eyes at this. ("Meat the Veals")
  • Oscar once again mentions that maybe Buster's father still is there, but Michael interrupts with "Shut up!" Oscar responds (rather slowly), "Oh, you shut up!" ("Meat the Veals")
  • After Oscar burns his fingers on George's Cornballer, Buster yells, "This is all my father's fault!" Oscar thinks Buster is blaming him, and says, "My fault!? I was trying to keep you from burning yourself..." ("Righteous Brothers")
  • Buster finally learns that Oscar is his real father when Oscar is burned by Buster's heated hand and exclaims "I wanted to share my Pop Secret with you." Although Oscar was referring to the brand of popcorn, Buster says, "Pop secret? Is Oscar my real father?" ("Righteous Brothers")
  • When Lucille confronts Oscar about him telling Buster he was his real father, the scene mirrors the scene in "Out on a Limb" in which Lucille tells Oscar not to reveal his secret to Buster. Both scenes had the characters screaming "You're high" and "You're drunk" at each other in the kitchen while Oscar is raiding the pantry. ("Righteous Brothers")

Season Three[]

3x13 Development Arrested (65)

Oscar and Buster in "Development Arrested"

Season Four[]

  • While posing as George, Oscar jumps straight to "Buster" when Lucille says "our son". ("Double Crossers")


Buster: Oh! They said my father was here.

Oscar: Did they?


Buster: You’re the one who says I need a father figure.

Oscar: Yes, a father figure.  

 From "The One Where Michael Leaves"

Oscar: You know, you should let your hair grow long.

Buster: Well, I’ve thought about it. I guess I’d look like you.

Oscar: More than you’ll ever know.  

 From "The One Where Michael Leaves"

Oscar: Yes, and she’s not having an affair with the boy’s... uncle.  

 From "¡Amigos!"

Oscar: Yes, it’s your father’s birthday. Which coincidentally is my birthday.  

 From "Good Grief"

Oscar: The boy is going to war. You’re going to have to face that.

Lucille: It’s none of your business.

Oscar: He is my boy. I need macaroons.  

 From "Out on a Limb"

George: I want you to know that it is okay for you to hide. A man can hide. There’s a quiet courage in that.

Buster: You’re a good uncle.

George: I’m not your uncle. I’m your father.

Buster: What?


Buster: [To Lucille] You lied to me. Uncle Oscar is my father. He just told me so. And maybe you’re not even my real mother. For all I know Lucille II is my real mother! Oh.

Lucille: Buster, you were never supposed to know.  

 From "Out on a Limb"

Oscar: I think she misses my brother.

Buster: My father?

Oscar: Yes? I mean, yes.  

 From "Meat the Veals"

Buster: So... my father’s not here.

Oscar: Maybe he is.  

 From "Meat the Veals"

Buster: G.O.B. made me kiss Franklin, and I think my father was here.

Oscar: Maybe he still is.  

 From "Meat the Veals"

Buster: I’m sorry! It’s my father’s fault.

Oscar: My fault? I was trying to keep you from burning yourself, you idiot! I mean, yes, yes. George, Sr. sure rushed this to market.  

 From "Righteous Brothers"

Oscar: Oh, I’m so forgetful. I hope you don’t get that from me.

Buster: Get that from you? Do you feel okay?

Oscar: Just forget it! I wanted to share my Pop Secret with you! Oh, but forget it!

Buster: Pop secret? Is Oscar my real father?  

 From "Righteous Brothers"

Buster: You lied to me! You said my father was my father, but my uncle is my father... My father is my uncle!  

 From "Righteous Brothers"

Buster: (to Oscar) Uncle/Father Oscar? What are you doing here?


Buster: (to George) Hey, Father/Uncle Dad.  

 From "Prison Break-In"