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James Buck

James Buck was a warden of Orange County Prison
Actor: Rocky McMurray — First Appearance: "Key Decisions" — Last Appearance: "Visiting Ours"

James Buck is a warden of Orange County Prison. He was replaced by Stefan Gentles.

Character history

Season one

When G.O.B. requests to be incarcerated in the Orange County Prison, Warden Buck admitted him not because he was a fan of magic, but because he was curious as to the beatings G.O.B. would receive. ("Key Decisions")

Warden Buck did not consider G.O.B.'s "escape" a real magic trick so G.O.B. decided to deliver a strongly-worded letter in opposition. Warden Buck ran into G.O.B. in the parking lot and detained him against a conjugal trailer Lucille and George were inside. ("Visiting Ours")


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