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James Carr

James Carr is a realtor in the Newport Beach area
Actor: Ed Helms — First Appearance: "The One Where Michael Leaves" — Last Appearance: "A New Start"

James Carr was a realtor that G.O.B. asked to show the Model Home. He later sells Lindsay and Tobias a mansion on a NINJA loan.

Character history[]

Season two[]

2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (068)

James in "The One Where Michael Leaves"

While showing the Model Home, Lindsay thought he was hitting on her and inviting her to a date but he was actually telling her about another open house. She cowered out of the date (whilst in an open relationship with Tobias) and never put it together that James was not interested in her. ("The One Where Michael Leaves")

James uses Cookies scented spray at his model homes.

Season four[]

Lindsay, Tobias, and Maeby, freshly home from India, meet with James at his office. They tell him they have no jobs and no assets and he sets them up with a NINJA loan. They initially want to buy a modest one-bedroom apartment but James talks them into buying a lavish mansion. ("Indian Takers")

Tobias then lingers as Lindsay and Maeby leave and asks James to be his agent. James initially resists but Tobias insists. Months later when the real estate market collapses James kills himself and his widow takes over the business. ("A New Start")


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