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Jan Eagleman

Jan Eagleman runs Mock Trial with J. Reinhold
Actor: Carrie Preston — First Appearance: "Fakin' It"

Jan Eagleman is a TV show producer running Mock Trial with J. Reinhold. She helps the Bluth family with a mock trial.

Character history[]

Season three[]

3x10 Fakin' It (62)

Jan in "Fakin' It"

Michael meets with Jan to use Judge Reinhold as a practice run for his family's legal defense. Judge Reinhold mentions to Jan that he doesn't like the name of the show and wants to rename it Mr. Reinhold's Courtroom, but Jan is upset that they already printed several "my name is Judge" talking magazine ads.

During the mock trail on the newly retitled Mock Trial with J. Reinhold Jan acts as prosecutor against George Bluth. When Michael manages to get the case called as a mistrial, Jan congratulates him. ("Fakin' It")


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