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Jane Lynch is the American actress who portrays Cindi Lightballoon in two episodes of Arrested Development.


Jane Lynch was born in Illinois where she attended high school and Illinois State University, where she obtained her bachelors degree in theatre. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in theatre from Cornell University.

Jane worked in theatre in Chicago for several years before making a shift to movies and TV in the early 1990s. She worked with Christopher Guest and his troupe of actors (including Ed Begley, Jr. and John Michael Higgins) in the films Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. Mainstream audiences took notice of her appearances in The 40 Year Old Virgin and Role Models.

She portrays Gail in the first CGI/live-action film Alvin and the Chipmunks along side David Cross who plays Ian Hawke.

In 2009 Lynch was cast as Sue Sylvester in Glee, a role which won her an Emmy award.


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