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John Beard Jr.

John Beard Jr. is in Mark Cherry's entourage
Actor: Ben Schwartz — First Appearance: "Colony Collapse"

John Beard Jr., also known as J.B.J. is the son of anchorman John Beard. He is a weekend weatherman an all-week party boy, and a huge disappointment to his father. He is a member of Mark Cherry's entourage.

Character history[]

Season four[]

G.O.B. blames John Beard Jr. for taking his last Forget-Me-Now. (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")

After attempting to pick up a woman with a magic trick at and Jeremy Piven, G.O.B. is approached by John Beard Jr. and asked to perform a magic trick for Mark Cherry. G.O.B. helps Mark, J.B.J., and the rest of the crew escape the bar from the paparazzi. J.B.J. and the rest of the entourage eventually get tired of G.O.B. and try to edge him out of the crew. When their limo is filled with bees, J.B.J. and the rest of the entourage are rushed to the hospital. (4x07 — "Colony Collapse")


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