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Johnny Bark

Johnny Bark is a tree-hugging activist
Actor: Clint Howard — First Appearance: "Key Decisions" — Last Appearance: "Colony Collapse"

Johnny Bark is a hippie who is protesting "the expansion of high-cost, low-quality mini-mansions". Johnny Bark is also Marky Bark's father and Joan Bark's husband.

Character history[]

Season one[]

1x04 Key Decisions (39)

Johnny Bark in "Key Decisions"

Johnny Bark camped out in a tree in the Bluth Company's land for the Sudden Valley subdivision.

Lindsay was ordered by Michael to lure him down, but she became caught up in his passion and decided to boycott the construction as well. At night she snuck down the tree to sleep in her own bed and Johnny Bark followed her to confess his love. She told him that he grossed her out at the same time the tree was torn down. ("Key Decisions")

Season four[]

4x07 Colony Collapse (137)


  • Clint Howard is the brother of Arrested Development executive producer Ron Howard, who also voices the Narrator. Ron casts Clint in nearly all of his productions.
  • Clint Howard appeared alongside Jeffrey Tambor in Ron Howard's 2000 film How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


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