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Buster loves juice. It seems to be like a drug to him.


1x19 Best Man for the Gob (26)

Annyong drinks juice in "Best Man for the Gob"

2x17 Spring Breakout (45)

Buster mistakes a box of wine for a giant juice box in "Spring Breakout"

3x05 Mr

Buster drinks juice in "Mr. F"

  • "Best Man for the Gob" — Buster asks Annyong for some of his juice box, but Annyong slurps it down quickly and gives him the empty box. Buster later drinks two buckets of red corn syrup, thinking it is juice.
  • "Hand to God" — Lucille demands juice for Buster when he is in the hospital
  • "Meat the Veals" — Michael states that the Veals will hate the Bluth family after Lucille's second vodka and Buster's second juice box
  • "Spring Breakout" — Buster mistakes Lucille's boxed wine for a giant juice box and gets drunk
  • "Mr. F" — Buster drinks a box of juice at the Bluth Company offices
  • "Prison Break-In" — Buster drinks out of a juice box.
  • "Prison Break-In" — Buster brings a juice to his turtle named "Mother".
  • "Chain Migration" — One of Buster's favorite mall stores is Drink-A-Juice.

Juice fueled rampages[]

  • "Off the Hook" — Buster overdoses on juice and rips apart his sewn mother dummy.
  • "Off the Hook" — At Cinco Buster drinks some donkey punch and then knocks Herbert Love into a coma.
  • "Courting Disasters" - After almost drowning Buster is rewarded with juice and pushes his grandmother down the stairs.

Other juice appearances[]


  • In "The Fallout" we lean that the juice was used by Tobias on Buster during the hypnosis, as seen in the tape "Buster, age 8, under hypnosis, 1982." This caused him addiction.


  Lucille: No juice for you. It just makes you more awful.
From "Best Man for the Gob"

  Buster: We have unlimited juice? This party is going to be off the hook!
From "Best Man for the Gob"

  Buster: I love juice!
From "Best Man for the Gob"

Tobias: Michael, this is Jeff. He does all the horse work here. You’ll meet him again at the end. Plus he gets you your juice. Not your first juice, but the one you get at the spa.


 From "Ready, Aim, Marry Me"

Buster: Yeah. I think that’s what I saw bite me. Now I just wish I could remember why I went in the ocean. Did we fight or something?

Lucille: Of course not. Although, I always have warned you against the ocean. So has your father.

Buster: My father...

Lucille: George, Sr. You need more juice. Where’s the juice?! Give my son the juice!


 From "Hand to God"

Lindsay: Wait a minute. You invited the Veals?

Michael: Only so that they’ll disapprove of us. I got to kill this pre-engagement somehow, and after Mom’s second vodka and after Buster’s second juice box, they’re going to forbid Ann from even seeing my son, much less taking his ring, and I’m still the good guy.

Lindsay: So, the devout religious family— they’re the bad guys?


 From "Meat the Veals"

Narrator: Restless, Buster went to the kitchen to find something to help him sleep, when he came across Lucille’s emergency stash of wine, which he mistook for a giant juice box.


 From "Spring Breakout"