1x14 Shock and Awww (05)

Korean Consulate of Child Services
Appearances: "Shock and Aww"

Lucille and George Bluth adopted Annyong Bluth via the Korean Consulate of Child Services. ("The Immaculate Election")

Adoption letter

Dear Mrs. Bluth
Congratulations new parent! As you know, each state has its own pre-adoption requirements. Some states may only require an approved home study, whereas others have additional requirements. Your adoption has finally been approved. Requirements within a state may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding each prospective adoption such as preliminary court hearings, whether or not the child has been seen prior to the adoption being completed, when the legal order being granted in the foreign county is not a final adoption decree, etc.. It is essential families know what the requirements are and meet them prior to travel in order to avoid difficulties once in the foreign country.
As you requested, a young boy from Korea has been selected and arrives at your home tomorrow. We will deliver him. Please be home between 9:00 and 5:00. Most countries require proof of a non-criminal history on official letterhead which is usually different from the clearance obtained for the homestudy. In many states, this clearance can not be obtained through the local police, but through another agency. For example, in New York, this document is called a "Good Conduct Certificate" and in Maryland, it is a "Gold Seal Letter".
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