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Lindsay's Congress Campaign

Lindsay's Congress Campaign
Appearances: "Red Hairing", "Queen B.", "Everyone Gets Atrophy", "Sinking Feelings", "Premature Independence"


Lindsay Bluth Fünke took over Herbert Love's campaign when he fell into a coma.

Season Four[]

4x08 Red Hairing (235)
Main article: Herbert Love's Congress Campaign

When Herbert Love goes missing David asks Lindsay to hold the audience and Lindsay prepares to admit she was sexually harassed by Love. Instead, the revelers upset her so she starts chanting to build the wall saying "Put up this wall". When Love is found to be in a coma, David asks her to take his place on the ticket. ("Red Hairing")

Season Five[]

5x03 - Everyone Gets Atrophy (033)

On the night of Cinco de Cuatro, Lindsay comes across Herbert Love's unconscious body, and is scared off politics. (Similarly, Sally Sitwell comes across Love's body too and decides to leave town with Tony Wonder.) Lindsay takes a limo to Mexico to hide out and runs into Oscar, whom she thinks is her father George.

Then she gets a phone call from her mother. Lucille told Lindsay to run for Congress after Lucille found out that Donald Trump stole her idea for wall between America and Mexico; but he decided to let the Mexicans pay for the wall.

5x03 - Everyone Gets Atrophy (048)

So Lindsay decides to return to America, and she calls Maeby to be her campaign manager. Maeby tries to sabotage the campaign, but instead, Lindsay grows more popular with each incident. Most of the family gather at Lucille Austero's penthouse to film campaign videos, but Buster is missing and Michael shows up at the last minute. The Austero Bluth company will award the Bluths the Family of the Year award and give a trophy to Lindsay. Maeby invites George Michael to the Bluth penthouse to tell him about the Family of the Year award, and to suggest that they kiss to cause a scandal. George Michael instead suggests that Maeby write a speech for Lindsay to read at the award ceremony, and she plots show up with meth teeth and humiliate her mother.

5x03 - Everyone Gets Atrophy (0124)

However, on the day of the award ceremony, Lindsay fights with her mother, and then Lucille reads the speech that Maeby had written. Lindsay always dreamed her mother would give such a speech, but then she realizes the dream was stupid, and she decides to leave to find her birth family.

She effectively abandons the campaign, though Lucille and the other Bluths decide to continue running her in the election. Lucille send Tobias and his bastard son Murph to look for Lindsay, and they return with Debrie instead, to impersonate Lindsay in the July 2nd parade. The election is the same day, though we do not see the results yet.