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Lindsay had a nose job she had done when she was younger.


2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (019)

Michael reveals to George Michael that Lindsay had rhinoplasty. The next time he sees his aunt, he can't help but stare at her nose, making her self conscious. ("The One Where Michael Leaves")

2x13 Motherboy XXX (15)

Lucille tells Lindsay she was never taken to a father/daughter dance because of her nose. ("Motherboy XXX")

3x10 Fakin' It (80)

Michael finds a picture of Lindsay as a child. ("Fakin' It") Lindsay says "look at the beak on that bird," not knowing it is herself. ("Family Ties")

3x13 Development Arrested (42)

Lindsay says "this is the happiest I’ve been since the day I got my new nose!" ("Development Arrested")

4x06 Double Crossers (19)

George comments on Lindsay's nose job. ("Double Crossers")

4x08 Red Hairing (094)

A flashback to June 2, 1983 shows Lucille writing a check for $3,000 for Lindsay's nose surgery, which she spruces up by writing "a new nosey". ("Red Hairing")

4x08 Red Hairing (122)

Turning into her mother, Lindsay tells Maeby she could benefit from a nose job. ("Red Hairing")


Michael: Yes I do, but that is not a family, okay? They’re a bunch of greedy, selfish people who have our nose. And Aunt Lindsay.

George Michael: She’s not my real aunt?

Michael: Not a real nose. Got a picture of her when she’s fourteen in a swimming cap. She looks like a falcon.


 From "The One Where Michael Leaves"

Michael: Okay, listen. I’m going to get the company checkbook, and don’t tell the family. We can’t give them the satisfaction of telling them that I need money, okay? Do you remember what we say about the family?

George Michael: It’s not Aunt Lindsay’s nose.


 From "The One Where Michael Leaves"

Lindsay: Oh, God. Not that “I’m in love with my mother” dance thing. I’m so glad there wasn’t one of those for daddies and daughters.

Lucille: Of course they have father-daughter dances.

Lindsay: They do? He never took me?

Lucille: It was before we did your nose. Toodaloo.


 From "Motherboy XXX"

Lucille: I think my nose got smaller.

Michael: Well, wouldn't have been the first time


 From "Check Mates"

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