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Lindsay and Marky

Lindsay and Marky were lovers
Appearances: "Indian Takers", "Red Hairing", "Queen B."

Lindsay and Marky met at the Garden Grove Methadone Clinic when they were accompanying Tobias Fünke and DeBrie Bardeaux to a Methadone Clinic.


Upon realizing Lindsay's testimony needed to be believable in order to receive any stimulus money, Tobias and Lindsay decided to visit a Method Acting clinic, actually a methadone clinic.

Season Four[]

4x03 Indian Takers (86)

Lindsay again lost hope in Tobias and ran into Marky Bark. The Fünkes, Marky Bark, and his girlfriend DeBrie went to C.W. Swappigan's for dinner and while Tobias and DeBrie were off in the restroom Lindsay thought Marky's ostrich farm was a divine sign so she and Marky absconded to start a new life together. Although the lovemaking was short and the dance sessions long, Lindsay became happy. ("Indian Takers")

4x08 Red Hairing (056)

After cutting her hair and changing her lifestyle with Marky Bark, Lindsay and Marky leave the ostrich farm and move into Balboa Towers with Cindy the Ostrich. While Lindsay sneaks away to spend time with Lucille Austero and enjoy fashion, Marky builds a glitter bomb to destroy Herbert Love's campaign. After finding a check titled Gangee 4: Facelift Lindsay approaches her mother on the prison tennis court who tells her that Lindsay is more like her than she thinks. Lindsay returns home and agrees to help Marky with the glitter bomb. ("Red Hairing")

Lindsay loses track of time flirting with Herbert Love (not knowing it was him) at The Century Plaza and forgets to let Marky out of the podium (which was wedged shut by G.O.B.). The glitter bomb explodes and Marky is arrested. At The Ealing Club Lindsay reunites with the newly freed Marky who tells her of his next plan: to paint bomb Love at his Cinco de Cuatro speech.