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Loretta is a job-hopping waitress
Actor: Becky Thyre — First Appearance: "Public Relations" — Last Appearance: "Indian Takers"

Loretta is a waitress at a Klimpy's and later at Skip Church's Bistro who sued Skip Church's Bistro for making her gain weight. She used Maggie Lizer as her attorney. Years later Loretta is seen serving Lindsay, Tobias, Marky Bark and DeBrie at C.W. Swappigan's in "Indian Takers".

Character history[]

2x12 Hand to God (70)

Loretta's water breaking in "Hand to God"

Season one[]

Loretta served Lucille and Lindsay at a Klimpy's restaurant and had to put up with their foul attitudes, even though she kept a positive attitude. ("Public Relations")

Season two[]

Loretta sued Skip Church's Bistro for making her gain weight after eating so many Skip's Scrambles. Her attorney with Maggie Lizer. ("Out on a Limb") It turned out that Loretta was pregnant, not fat. She was carrying the baby Maggie was supposed to be carrying for Officer Carter and Officer Taylor. ("Hand to God")

Season four[]

Loretta got a job at C.W. Swappigan's and served Lindsay, Tobias, Marky Bark, and DeBrie Bardeaux.She explained the swap-nature of the restaurant. ("Indian Takers")


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