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Love Each Other

Love Each Other
Appearances: "Flight of the Phoenix", "Colony Collapse", "Queen B.", "A New Attitude" , "Blockheads", "Family Leave"

"Love Each Other" is repeated often throughout Season Four, mostly in connection with G.O.B..


4x07 Colony Collapse (077)

Seen during the Jesus' crucifixion illusion in "Colony Collapse"

4x10 Queen B

On G.O.B.'s dove from "Queen B."

  • These are Pete the mailman's last words to Michael. ("Flight of the Phoenix")
  • Banner on G.O.B.'s Jesus' crucifixion illusion cross. ("Colony Collapse")
    • The message only appears after G.O.B. is taken down from the cross.
  • The back of the "Shhh!" sign hanging on G.O.B.'s dummy. ("Colony Collapse")
    • The "Love Each Other" message appears to written in cursive or D'Nealian, whereas the "Shhhh!" isn't.
  • Label taped onto the feet of one of G.O.B.'s dead doves. ("Queen B.")
    • Lucille tells Michael, "Oh that definitely sounds like G.O.B." after a flashback showing the message on the dove.
    • Michael tells G.O.B., "It had 'Love Each Other' on the foot band." G.O.B. replies, "Yeah, that does sound like one of mine. ("A New Attitude")
  • G.O.B.'s advice to George Michael and how George Michael sums up the oppposite of G.O.B.'s more specific advice regarding FakeBlock and Rebel Alley. ("Blockheads")
    • George Michael tells G.O.B. "I'm actually really glad I ran into you. I could use some advice."  G.O.B. responds, "Oh. Love each other."
    • Later in the conversation G.O.B. says, "I would rather have sex with someone because they thought I was someone else than not have sex with someone because they thought I was me." George Michael responds, "So I should probably do the opposite of that and be true to who I am and not compromise my integrity just for some fleeting sexual experience...So, 'Love Each Other.'"
  • 'Love Each Other' are the final words of Season Four as John Beard's sign off from ITV.  ("Blockheads")
  • Michael tells Toddler about Pete the mailman and the phrase "love each other" as an excuse for ending his note to Lucille 2 with "love you." ("Family Leave")