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Lucille Bluth’s penthouse

Lucille Bluth’s penthouse
Appearances: Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four

Other than Lucille, George Sr., and Buster, other Bluths have stayed in Lucille's penthouse. Annyong Bluth joined the residence when Lucille adopted him. Oscar Bluth occasionally stayed with Lucille while George Sr. was on the run.

The Set[]

Season One to Three[]

Season Four[]

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (139)
  • Maeby egged Michael to eventually set a "pack first, no talking" voting scenario but when the four roommates voted — Michael, George Michael, Maeby, and P-Hound — all four votes were for Michael to leave. Dejected, Michael tried to get a copy of his article in Altitude magazine but had to buy a plane ticket so he briefly visited Phoenix. He was humiliated by the photo they chose to use of him. After flying back to Newport Beach Michael decided to move into Balboa Towers but he found an ostrich was living in his mother's former apartment. ("Flight of the Phoenix")
4x05 A New Start (33)
  • Finally entirely broke, Tobias visited Balboa Towers where he saw the apartment destroyed by Marky Bark's ostrich. He then heard Lucille Austero being attacked by an ostrich and he rushed her to the hospital. She offered hm $120,000 to work at Austerity with her brother Argyle Austero but he turned it down to keep his and DeBrie's dream alive. Upon telling DeBrie, she angrily left him and got into a limo with other party girls outside the Jeremy Piven Night Club. ("A New Start")
4x08 Red Hairing (049)
  • After cutting her and changing her lifestyle with Marky Bark, Lindsay and Marky leave the ostrich farm and move into Balboa Towers with Cindy the Ostrich. After finding a check titled Gangee 4: Facelift Lindsay approaches her mother on the prison tennis court who tells her that Lindsay is more like her than she thinks. Lindsay returns home and agrees to help Marky with the glitter bomb. ("Red Hairing")
4x12 Señoritis (060)


  • When the housing market collapsed, Maeby snuck in to live in Balboa Towers but left when Lindsay and Marky Bark moved in with Cindy the Ostrich. She moved into the model home where there was no internet so she went to the high school to use the internet and found herself there for several years, repeating her senior year. ("Señoritis")
4x14 Off the Hook (022)
  • Buster struggled to adapt to life at home alone so he proceeded to continue with her daily routine — picking clothes out for her and making her Martinis. He stuffed pillows in her clothes to entertain himself. He was upset at how disproportionate they were so he destroyed the pillows and sewed a life-size Lucille doll with whom he began talking to. Two days after she was sent away, Lucille returned with an ankle monitor. ("Blockheads")

Season Five[]