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Luz is Lucille Bluth's former house cleaner
Actor: Lillian Hurst — First Appearance: "Top Banana"

Luz is Lucille Bluth's Hispanic housekeeper. She was soon replaced by her sister Lupe.

Character history[]

Season one[]

1x02 Top Banana (30)

Luz in "Top Banana"

When Michael was trying to get the location of George Sr.'s flight records for the SEC, Michael tricked Lucille into hiding her fur in the storage unit. Lucille had Luz transport her fur coats on a rack by city bus, only to find that the unit was burned down. ("Top Banana")

She left to go take care of her "allegedly" (according to Lucille) sick daughter. ("Charity Drive")


  • Luz doesn't own a house.


  Lucille: Luz! That coat costs more than your house!